Goals //// 2019


might already know but this is a nifty list of chicago calls for artists


Less time in interwebz
Stop with coffee
More sleep



  • Release an EP
  • Perform live at least once
  • Continue to participate on the LCRP
  • Practice with a bit more intent


  • Much more exercise. Burren half-marathon?
  • Go caving (and not just cave rescue exercises)
  • Read more


Same, haven’t been underground in ages, but this year could be my comeback…

After a pretty dismal 2018 music-wise, there’s light at end of tunnel (or cave passage)! New year’s gig came in with good players and a decent compromise between ‘real music’ and pub entertainment.

Am finally settled in a permanent studio space, basically done with building work so this year I want to write and record a 3-5 track ep of original music.

2018 was good for skateboarding, learnt to skate transition after a 15 year gap, spent a week bombing hills in Slovenia on my longboard. This year I’d like to drop in on vert, skate steeper, faster hills and most importantly not break any bones!



  • Release an album
  • Play live
  • Dig deeper into Teletype, Kria, W/, TidalCycles
  • Finish and release M4L synthesizer
  • Following @xenus_dad, I also want to participate in at least 26 Juntos
  • ETA: Keep up with Lines’s musical output a little better.
  • Figure out how to be an artist (working hypothesis is this just means prompting myself to be tenacious more)


  • Continue thinking about process, especially with research
  • I’m teaching classes! Pay attention to what I need to learn there
  • Re-learn how to be decent at email
  • Publish a paper
  • Write (most of) a thesis
  • Attend more conferences


  • Continue working on small habits (make your bed, picking up after yrself)
  • Read novels more (on the bus?)
  • Continue improving my relationship to my phone and computer
  • Continue chipping away at learning vim, the terminal, etc
  • Two or three other things

...to be an artist
...to be an artist


  • play a live show
  • write music with chord changes lol
  • post music to IG 1x per week
  • contribute to open source music hackery
  • practice modular 5 minutes every day



Year after year I’ve made lists of projects or ideas I’d like to make progress on. Often they have pretty quick turn around requirements! I do this through the year, often in moments where I feel the need to align my creative self and feel I’ve been slacking on “art.” Lists have really helped in this way to get me to produce. My impulse is to write a list here because that has tended to work for me in the past. But there is also so much I’ve learned about my artistic goals this past year that I’m thibking maybe lists aren’t the right format any longer. I’ve become interested in much longer term projects, much more closely tied to improvisation, and more interested in storing things rather than displaying them. I want to find a way to live an art life, rather than produce art. (Sorry if cheesy?) Not only in the sonic world but also in other media I work in.

Anyways, all to say, my goals for 2019 are essentially about scheduling. Making sure I dedicate time to things other than the work grind every day, and to make sure that my progress, more than being measurable, feels right to me. I guess what will follow this type of effort is a lot of journaling, documentation, and organizing. Hopefully though those processes I am finding ways to produce to reflect, rather than produce to assemble a body of work.

Thanks for reading! Has been exciting and inspiring to read so many thoughtful responses on here.


This and another 20 chars of this!

  • Finish up my third record, make a tape and promote it some, and figure out how to arrange and perform some of it at a show with other people
  • Finish up my longform track for compilation
  • Participate in LCRP and help out with the tape production
  • Make more acoustic music
  • Finish up my two side projects I started this month (bandcamp embed generator microservice and “press kit builder”)
  • Play a few more shows with both the synth band (continue to explore sampling with the 301) and solo
  • Dive deeper into Norns. Play a show with using Norns as the primary instrument. Catch up and go through any new studies. Make something and actually finish it/share it with others.
  • Create more visual art (right now, that’s looking like marker stuff and visual synth stuff with hydra), figure out how to share it.

  • Get back into exercising regularly
  • Figure out living situation after lease ends
  • Consolidate 401k/HSA (thanks for the reminder @marcus_fischer!)
  • Work with manager to figure out goals and work towards senior dev stuff
  • Keep being the driving force for unit testing, helping us keep high coverage as we rewrite the app


I have 2 big goals:

  • 2019 will be my first full calendar year not in school, so I need to get a better idea of what I want to do with my life.

  • This year, for the first time, I lost a gig doing visual work because I wasn’t able to realize the artist’s vision. I’m determined to not let that happen again. I plan to learn GLSL, adopt approaches in viewing visual work parallel to critical listening in music, and generally make myself more aware of visual work (in a variety of mediums) happening in the world.

Smaller goals building upon accomplishments in 2018:

  • revisit the web work I did for my capstone project, give it some performance and aesthetic updates, and actually share it with the world.

  • release another EP or album

  • I got a Bela and made some small but significant foundational progress on a hardware device concept. I’ve been stumped on something for a while (because C++) but I’m returning to a good headspace to work on it. Any progress on this will be considered a success.

Finally, something I should really keep in mind in the new year:

  • continually remind myself that time is a necessary part of growth


main goal for 2019 is to launch a record label and put out first 2 releases.

i’d like to expand on last year’s goal of reserving one day a week for creative pursuits, and this year try to up it to two full days for working on my own music, study, practice, writing, etc.

professionally, i want to engineer/mix/master albums i’m really proud of – whatever that means financially. i’d like to set up a fully-functioning home mixing studio to cut down on commuting and allow me to work more on my own schedule.

balancing the above with alone time, health, inspiration, and doing nothing once in a while.


i think because 2018 seemed to fly by for me, many of my 2019 goals are focused as a continuation of momentum built in '18…


Play fewer live shows (I think I played +16 in '18)
Do more recording.
Finish more pieces.
Complete a new solo album.
Complete at least two new collaborations.
Get my piano tuned.
Get back into playing drums.

Spend more time focusing on my Art.
Do more research into grants.
Do more research into funded residences.

Get my studio more in order.
Sell off gear that has been unused for over a year.
Service/repair all gear that needs love.
File management: Back up my back ups.
Consolidate old hard drives onto newer/fewer hard drives
Acoustic treatment + insulation for the studio and garage.
Clean out my basement.

Get a physical / checkup.
be active more frequently.
stay hydrated.

Do better at paying my quarterly taxes.
Find out where all my money goes.
Consolidate 401k’s from old jobs.
Save more for the future.


Continue playing shows.
Develop new live set, play in other cities.

Start a focused practice around learning to use Supercollider and Norns.
Develop new scripts that I will use to perform with and also contribute back to the community via the dust/norns repo.

Build DIY 73-75 Serge.
Hopefully this can be done by spring.

Use my upright piano.
I have a beautiful Baldwin Acrosonic that my neighbor gave to me and it was owned by the original owners of my house. Get it tuned, record improvisations on it, learn Gymnopedies.

New music.
Record and release 1 LP and 1 EP. My hope is that the 3 prior things listed here will lead to new ideas and new music.

Do more with what I have. Reduce excess and clutter. Sell, throw away, and donate things I don’t need or use anymore. Less consuming, more creating.

Meet more friends from LINES.

Get more sleep and exercise. Less Procrastination.

Some other ideas include finding ways to share the process around the learning and the diy projects. I feel that a clean and minimal blog might be a good way to do this, not sure yet.



  • start a guitar practice diary, online or offline
  • improve my drumming skills and diversify my fills
  • compose for small ensemble with electronics
  • code some algorithmic composition
  • start writing new material for my next CD


  • continue my French studies and improve my actual speaking skills
  • study contemporary composer like Saariaho, Posadas, Thorvaldsdottir
  • read more philosophy and start writing


  • continue my bike routine and try to ride again about 4000 km
  • do at least one longer bike road trip with friends
  • start doing Yoga or Tai Chi


goals 2019:

general stuff

  • move
  • switch up running to walking to minimize stress fractures
  • cook more - use fewer boxes
  • kondo-ized a few years back: keep eye on accumulations
  • continue using paper planner: tried (an) hobonichi this year, it worked well

art stuff

  • omg <<< w e b s i t e >>>
  • new noise, continuing to incorporate samples & voices
  • show new works on paper in some kind of IRL gallery
  • do another art residency (did one in 2018 :slight_smile: )
  • copy over previously published articles from various places and collect @ Medium
  • . . . and write some new ones and/or expand on previous topics

ukelele option

  • maybe! learn ukelele. play an eddie vedder Ukelele Song :slight_smile:


I realize I spend too much time defaulting to meaningless distractions, and that I currently have the chance of having much free time, something which will not last forever.

I think this one encompasses everything for me — to be more purposeful about the way I spend my time.


Yes. If any lines folks are passing through Portland, Oregon please hit me up for coffee or tea or drinks or control voltage visit.


thinking about a visit spring break or summer eep !

and yes - extending a similar invitation to anyone swinging though chicago - with a bit of forward notice I’d be down to host anyone at open space as well.



  • finish all the unfinished/unreleased tracks languishing on my hard drive
  • use what I have to the full instead of contemplating what I don’t have - to this end: watch more youtube videos featuring gear I have rather than gear I don’t have. Most of my musical heroes had access to a fraction of what I have - remember this
  • finish all the scheduled releases I have in progress without getting sidetracked by the magpie mentality [“look! shiny!”] (solo tape for IHAA; split with Steve Madslo to complete the trilogy; collaboration with Buddy Peace & Carlo)
  • finally submit the 10 tracks for sync work


  • continue to sell most of the unnecessary possessions I’ve accrued. If I’ve not used it in 6 months, do I need it?
  • eat better - cook more new things
  • exercise consistently
  • trust the tao
  • sign up for the MA in September
  • be at peace with not teaching in schools, but consider other ways to use those skills/qualifications
  • resist the urge to shave the beard again - it never ends well
  • use time more wisely/less wastefully
  • be the best husband & father I can be, understanding that this may impact some of the other things on the list
  • read more books and less social media posts


My musical goals this year are more ambitious, building on what has been a significant growth year, music-wise, in 2018. My list of personal goals is short, but I have broken out into more detail elsewhere, especially as regards the first item, which refers to supporting my recently widowed mom and three family members (wife and both daughters) who are currently in college or grad school.

– participate in at least two disquiet junto projects
– participate in at least two LCRPs
– participate in at least one music collaboration (online or otherwise)
– play viola more days than not (focusing on practice-as-meditation and improving position and intonation)
– begin to use viola as a compositional tool
– attend at least two local, non-mainstream music events
– migrate to Bandcamp
– write at least four posts on my music blog
– read at least two books on music
– attend a music-related conference

– continue to explore and engage in new family dynamics, focusing on making sure everyone is getting the support they need (including me): quality of life is paramount
– continue to look for cross-pollination opportunities between music and psychotherapy
– look for ways to streamline private practice and to make better use of down time for training/education
– continue to explore new ways of sustainably managing my somatic health, i.e., through what I eat, what I do

Finally, in keeping with one of @petesasqwax’s goals, reminding myself that (to paraphrase) “the tao that can be itemized is not the true Tao” and making being in the moment my first task. :blush: