Goals //// 2019


What is LCRP? I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times now but it’s otherwise new to me


This is the last one; I haven’t seen a new one yet (might have missed it?), but there’s usually one every quarter (equinoxes and solstices). Here’s a podcast about them.


Beautiful - thank you! Definitely something I’d like to be involved in this coming year, if possible.


I spent a lot of time building synthesizers the last quarter of this year; I’d like to spend an equal amount of time making music with those tools the first quarter of 2019. Similarly I’ve taken steps to improve my studio space the last week; I’d like to continue that development and work towards making my studio space as functional as possible to provide the least resistance to my creative impulses.

Less music related but I’ve lived in my house for about 4 years now. I planned to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms when I bought it so it’s high time I made that a reality.


this is also what want more in my life :slight_smile: I think it is important for my emotional, social, and psychic wellbeing to have a kind of community around me, in the ‘real’ world.


Of course! We evolved as social creatures…


2019 goals

  • Recreate my website & archive the projects/accomplishments in 2019
  • Start seriously saving money with a budget and personal investing plan
  • Release music
  • Learn to build a hardware MIDI controller (including EE understanding from the ground up)
  • Learn some DSP algorithms from the papers (mainly learning to read DSP publications)
  • Get back in the gym
  • Sell / Donate what I don’t need

Edit [reach goals]:

  • Start DJ-ing
  • Organize my studio
  • Participate in @disquiet Junto


number one problem i’ve identified for myself… not great it took till 2018 but better late than never i guess

  • release a record of solo material
  • produce a record for a songwriter homie of mine and release it on cassette (self-manufactured)
  • begin monetizing art and scale back hours at day job
  • play at least one show out of state
  • finish one track of some kind or another every week, continuing the learning process and gaining a deeper understanding of what I’m pushing toward
  • get out of Austin at least once every three months
  • reach out to the people I love more consistently. Need to deepen at least one relationship [r]each day that isn’t someone I live with or a coworker. So many pieces of my heart are in the wind.

Will edit as each goal is met.



Just keeping on tinkering, no pressure, for fun.
Explore my modular to its farthest confines, dont GAS!


Just doing what I like and always trying to innovate and progress. (I teach art in High School)


Do that one big commission that’ll make me rich. Not kidding, I have a comission that’ll earn me more money than I earned for all my art to this point. (ig: @mypencilsdrawworlds)


Be positive despite the pessimism, or further refine the optimistic pessimist theme.
Be a good dad and a good husband, not that I don’t think to be these things already, but you can always try to improve on these matters.


I threw pretty much all of my little sparse free time into developing a hardware project in 2018. Its 97% done. I’ve just ordered what I’m sure will be close to a final pcb revision. In early 2019 I will release this.

Beyond that I want to revise some of the monome grid max apps I’ve created over the years.

Then I need to get back into actually making music instead of making tools to make music. Though I really like making things so we’ll see…

Again my free time will likely be sparse from work and my family is going to get bigger again in about six months.

I could exercise more.

Wishing everyone the best on their endeavours


This year I plan/hope to:

  • finish renovating the home we bought and move in
  • work on six bimonthly projects (two years ago I worked on “monthly projects” and it was fun, but exhausting, I’m trying to find a timespan that allows me to explore/make something, but not get burned out)
  • work on new ep
  • play some shows (at least one)
  • find a way to be less tired after work (work less?)
  • continue the good habits I have:
    • gym 3-4d/week when possible
    • learning a language daily
    • working on something other than work every day

As an experiment, this year I’m making my time-tracking data (well, small part of it) open: https://szymonkaliski.com/stats – I’m curious how it will (or won’t) change my approach to this.


in short i want to survive and have hope. im fighting to get out of a bad depressive way. i want to work on adding some things to teletype, which will be my first time working on it after a lot of research and hopefully i can get my own modules off the ground. still working on the 4 track looper when i have the energy to work.


I never made any goals for new years ever. Somehow I feel that as soon as I formulate them, they won’t happen. Having that said, I’d sure like to spend less time with my day job. Maybe it’ll work out. :crossed_fingers:


Since I am already well into the new year now (it is 1:18 local time), I might just wish everyone a happy 2019. May all your envisioned endeavours be accomplished one way or another.
I take every day as it arrives, so there are no real resolutions or goals to be outlined here. All I do is try to adhere to the following statement: “We are always up. And even if we are down, all we are is upsidedown.”


I’m definitely going to make some animations this year–I just realized that–and I’m pretty excited.

Happy New Year everyone!


happy new year from the downunderverse.

get liquor license quickly, lay ground work for second bar. enjoy life more. play more music.
drink more good coffee, ferment some things, distill some things, brew some things. eat good. calm down a bit. go to the gym. perfect dancing like a muppet, like exactly like one. i think that would make me happier in general. oh and play the new spider-man game. read more ursula le guin, read more in general.

buy a small yachty thing. become a yachty barman…? sure that will do.



  • make my own bread
  • eat less meat
  • move to Belgium


  • Become self employed


  • Play less but longer live shows
  • Record & release

As a general guiding rule: do more with less. This will be an exciting but hard year to come.


My plan is to release more music, starting with these uptempo tracks:

Also have a couple of exhibitions planned and need to find meaningful employment.

I will continue loving and hope you all have a beaut new year.



  • Listen to new music every day
  • Perform publicly: 12 shows is the goal!
  • Organize 2 local shows
  • Release music regularly, but without dwelling on “streams”, “likes” or “downloads”


  • Leave my day job (Jan 31st!) and develop a new, healthy daily rhythm of growing as a musician
  • Keep up the 3 times a week exercise regime I started in Dec.
  • Attend more concerts, be in the community more: Let social media take back seat to real world experience