Goals //// 2019


enjoyed lurking the prior threads, so figured it was time to contribute.

-stop separating my lives. i keep my music off of my instagram, my youtube off of my website, my work from my friends, and my art from my work. it’s exhausting and it’s pretty weird.
-become more proficient at balancing work/art with relationships and social life. i don’t know what this looks like but i would like to stop wondering if i should be doing something else whenever i go out.
-partner is probably going to want to start looking at grad schools in the next year or two. so i need to figure out if being a video editor outside of los angeles even resembles the aspects of the job that i like now, or if i should be thinking about changing careers. it’s always been in the plan, but since then rent has gone up so much around us that it looks like it will be hard to come back.
-would be good to see a dentist

-do a really good job on this documentary but don’t make it my only thing.
-leave work earlier without sacrificing quality (avoid chasing edit ideas that are unlikely to pay off but would be so cool if they did work).
-stop relying on perfectionism in the face of a deadline to produce good work.
-stop giving up more than was needed in the face of ambiguous expectations.

-put online the my third 5 song EP that has been 98% finished since 2016 but always seems to have just a couple more tweaks. i am pretty sure my 11 listeners will not be able to hear the difference between a 90% there track of mine and a 100% there track. honestly i am not sure if i can hear the difference.
-consider finishing/releasing the 9ish dance tracks i kicked out when i unexpectedly had a two week break from work. don’t get caught in the “90% done” trap.
-figure out how integrate my experiments with norns/ipad/op1/video into my existing framework for producing finished songs i actually like.
-post music videos on my instagram.

feels super weird being this introspective online but away we go!


Have drafted and deleted this a few times. These goals feel slightly off the cuff, as in - feels like goals for goals sake. Which means, come December 2019 - I may disavow them. With that amazing pitch, here’s my super duper awesome 2019 goalssssssssss!!!

  1. Use more notes in my recordings. Notes meaning “sounds that conform to a pitch and duration” but also notes meaning “pieces of paper that help me plan things out a bit more using one or more traditional composition techniques.” I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyable hours riding the timbre train - would like to see if I can string notes together in a pleasing way this year.
  2. Use these notes to release a few more short length mini-bandcamp-albums. I got two out in 2018. Let’s see if I can get 4 out in 2019.
  3. Continue to mess around with other human beings, in the same room, making noises. A friend and I made a band. We’ve rehearsed twice. It would be great to move that into either a performance for friends and family or some recordings that become mini albums (see above).
  4. Continue to perform weird stuff on a weekly basis with my 11 year old (who will be 12 midway through this year) on our amazing award winning (self awarded) Twitch channel. I’d love to play a show a week, which is our current pace, but that might not be sustainable. :crossed_fingers:
  5. Not buy anymore stuff?

    I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything I need to accomplish the above goals. Would love to see purchases kept to a minimum in 2019. If anything - I should really reallocate some modular buying stuff funds to buying more records. There. How about that. I’d like to buy more records and tapes this year.


Which service did you pick? I tried that last year with about 2TB of data, which uploaded fine, but the experience wasn’t great when I actually wanted to acces the files from the cloud backup.


Great topic, thanks all - I’ve just spent a happy while reading all your goals for the next year!

My 2018 was a bit better than the terrible 2017 (bereavement, battles with school with my daughter), but still represented a period where it felt like we were wading through the treacle of life. I’m hoping 2019 will be more of a positive year after 2018’s restitution.

My goals:


  • Release a proper musical release - EP or album if possible. Get it mastered professionally and stick it on the various online places.
  • Play more gigs.
  • Collaborate, make a synth band
  • Actually get round to organising some synth meets in Manchester
  • Try for Superbooth
  • Remember that buying more stuff will not result in making more music


  • Prioritise mental and physical health of me and my family, thus…
  • Work a bit less - Focus on the stuff I’m really good at at work, jettison some of the other bits
  • Sleep hygiene - no screen before bed
  • Eat less meat
  • try and go out on my bike at least every couple of weeks, walk plenty
  • Get some couples time away with my wife

Happy 2019 everyone!


This is a timely, and very interesting, read about setting and accomplishing goals:


• another year of sobriety and drinking as much water as possible
• never complain about the weather
• plant successful ayurvedic herb garden this summer
• focus less on recording music/concepting albums and more on experimentation and education
• be as kind and present as possible at all times
• spend as much time in the woods and water as i can
• continue to distance self from iphone


i went with backblaze. unlimited storage for $5/month, and it looks like restores can happen via a hard drive sent in the mail if things are too large/slow to download.


I’ve lurked on these Goal threads hardcore in the past and figured it was about time to contribute. These are my music goals for 2019:

  • Finish building my home studio. 2018 had a lot of GAS, but 2019 has a focused New Gear Plan. The most important purchase is to finally grab a mixer, so I don’t need to unplug/replug when recording and kill my workflow. I’m also going to sell + pickup two modules to finish my modular skiff - a System Cartesian.
  • Develop keyboard skills. I picked up an old Nord Lead 2 and joined a band in December, but years of sequencers and MIDI quantization has made my playing a bit sloppy. I want to create a practice routine and stick with it so I can feel confident playing in a live setting.
  • Release a solo recording. I made a lot of music and noise in 2018 (:tada:), but I was always focused on making a single track at a time without any context. I would like to tackle a larger scope this year - I think an EP format is doable. This is a stretch goal related to “actually finishing things I start” and “developing my workflow/process.”
  • Be more active in music communities. Making sounds solo is fun. That said, I would like to join in on discussions here, talk to people that I frequently see at local shows, etc. I’ve got a decent start by taking a Pure Data class and joining the band, but also have room to improve. If you’re in Austin feel free to say hi! :wave:


3 days in and I’ve already begun to build (or REbuild) some habits- the key to which seems to have been starting things off very small and manageable, as opposed to making giant leaps and bounds all at once.

so to anyone trying to build new habits, I’m a firm believer that the key to longevity is starting really small and easy, and then building the habit over time, as opposed to starting big with a lot of things at once and burning out.

for example I started meditating and reading again the past few days- and to start I’m just meditating for 10 minutes, and reading for 15 minutes or so before bed (also shoutouts to Bill Bryson). Eventually I want to meditate for 30 minutes, potentially even an hour each day, but starting out small has been accessible and easy and I’m not feeling worn out or overly challenged to the point of giving up.


on the topic of being productive with yr 2019 I think I’m gonna try out keeping a kanban board. I’ve used it well for agile/lean stuff in ux world but I haven’t tried it for art productivity.


Thanks for the link, I hadn’t heard of kanban! (love that it’s an example of a general term becoming specific in translation) Reading it, I realized that in my endeavors (I guess besides aspects of teaching), beyond a certain level I don’t care to minimize lead time or the number of plates I have spinning so long as I can come back to them without too many cobwebs having grown. I’m going to be thinking a bit about how to accomplish that.

Reminds me of one of @andrewhuang’s videos about ~process~, where he describes (among other things) one way of making it easier to jump back into a project.



keeping an instrument on a stand rather than in a case

Definitely. Although our strings are now upstairs in the second bedroom and I’ve neglected mandolin practice for a while :frowning_face: I didn’t even put that in my 2019 goals and I’m not sure yet whether I should; it’s still a fun side thing for me rather than a focus.

I’m not sure I could do the assembly line thing in this way, but I do try to separate “maintenance” from creative sessions. E.g. firmware updates, rearranging modules, learning new ones, checking out new WaveEdit uploads, new effects plugins, etc.



First goal is to get the album I’m working on finished and released, including a tape run. If I can get it out in February then that’ll be exactly a year since my first release, but I’m not going to try and rush things to make that happen. If it works out, that would be cool though.

Second goal is to get a passport! I still haven’t ever been out of the United States and I’m hoping I can save some money this year to take a trip somewhere on another continent in 2020.

Third goal is to either start up one of my old hobbies I’ve neglected or start a new hobby. Either getting back into book binding or taking up DIY module builds.


Just got a stand for the viola for Christmas and love it, as it has helped greatly with switching between the under-the-chin instrument and the under-the-hands ones. I’m a bit worried about leaving it out 24/7, as my cats might decide it’s for them, but this sidebar discussion encourages me to see if there is a way I could do it safely.


Didnt go public with any last year… perhaps doing it this year will help with focus…

So for 2019

less plastic bags, less packaging, less waste

more inroads into my unfinished building projects list (esp bought circuit boards for gristlizer and MFOS and a couple of pedals)

do some set ups with dada machines automat

actually repair those broken project intsruments…or at least a couple of them.

get telecaster electrics sorted out

More bowed rods and poor mans waterphone type instruments/research

GAS: less gadgets- more solid stuff like monitors

have a purge on stuff/storage…sell a guitar or two

Tidy up soundcloud- too much old rubbish on it. Head towards grouped tracks as ep’s on Bandcamp

Sort out pc and storage and backups and archive

A summer holiday

Go to more concerts

tidy up finances, utilities , savings

make more of an effort to get into a bit more coding

more field recording day trips ( only did 2 last year)

make some videos - once the pc can handle them


2019 is all about getting my music career off the ground:

-Establish and maintain strong social media presence

-Release a steady stream of content all year to maintain relevance

-Get my music on Spotify

-Build a following, even if it’s a small one

-Play a show?

-Make music every day


it’s inspiring to read through all of these, especially seeing others who have big changes coming in 2019.

for me, 2019 is guaranteed to be a year of change. in about a month, I’ll be leaving California and my cushy tech job to move to Budapest and learn how to build pianos from this guy.

given the scope of this change, most of my goals are centered around supporting the relationships that matter to me through this shift, but there’s some musical stuff I want to tackle in there as well…

in my work

  • enjoy being a true novice again
  • be prepared each and every day to learn everything that I can
  • experiment with some new ways to integrate technology to the acoustic piano space
  • put in the time, even when I’m homesick

in my life with other people

  • do everything necessary to communicate and share with my partner, who I’ll be living away from for the first time in a half-decade
  • learn how to communicate regularly with friends and family in a way that doesn’t rely on proximity
  • find a way to regularly record and share my experience this year that is accessible to people and involves words
  • find new social circles in budapest

in my music

  • exact format doesn’t matter, but finish & share full pieces (at least four by year’s end)
  • piano practice. a lot of it.
  • dive into norns scripting with more focus and build some live sound-processing apps that get used in my music
  • investigate some of the supercollider granular engines for future use in norns


  • cook most meals at home, expand my repertoire (so I don’t get bored)
  • pick up running again (when else will I have time for podcasts!?)
  • finally bake a loaf of bread that I like
  • learn to type on a non-staggered keyboard


I admire any one who commits to this.
https://www.terracycle.com is a company I will be looking into in the near future for things that fall outside the purview of home/business reduce/reuse/recycle.



-release ghastly

-work on cowboy album

-learn to let myself have at least some fun at shows

-gain more comfort with being alone on stage

-find a set up that makes me feel like i’m not singing karaoke at my own shows

-have fun at sxsw and don’t drive myself crazy with expectation


-get to be more fluid with the kaoss pad so i can seamlessly incorporate it into my live set

-sell a few things and buy one thing (dfam)

-experiment more with playing w/o a computer or a DAW set up to see what will happen when there are less wires


-allow myself to take a breather and sit the fuck down

-get over some burn out feelings

-do more macrame as it’s meditative and a hobby

-get more “hobbies”, aka things i do that i don’t feel the pressure to end them in a perfect result

-write those damn screenplays


-move tooooo the desert for a while to write
cowboy album and those damn screenplays

-stay sober and work more on being a good person while sober

-be a better friend to my own anxiety

-listen more/talk less

-listen to more music/ talk less

-find calm in the silences rather than the sounds

****oh and learn how to sleep like a normal person (edited at 1:40 am)