Goals //// 2019

And now I’m playing at @andrew’s house in a couple of weeks, sharing a bill with Amanda and her collaborators just as I had hoped.

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update on 2019 goals… i’ve launched my record label!

it is called greyfade. the first release is out on june 21.

my goal of “doing nothing once in a while” has honestly taken a bit of a hit, but i guess life is about tradeoffs. my hope is that as the label gets a little more established, things can be streamlined a bit more and i can retain a bit space and time away from music/work.

but, for now, my top goal can be checked off the list.


Thank you for dragging Greg back into the fold of releasing music! :slight_smile: I was bugging him about that last summer when I was up in VT.

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I could do better at this one.



I really appreciate your efforts though (in that other place). I know it can be incredibly draining because the outcome is already predetermined, but it does at least give us a voice.


Resume painting, after a 35-year break.

Reacquaint myself with oil & canvass

Go very big this time.
After going small

Prepare garage to serve as makeshift studio

Get another HomePod?


Be careful you don’t end up at the other extreme, not caring and withdrawing from the world is not better


Goals as of right now:

Get better at setting boundaries.
Better at saying no.
Better at expressing my needs.
And make more music.


Well, big update. I got into my first choice MFA program, so I’m definitely going back to school in September.

I’ll be a full time student for 2 years, working on my research driven interdisciplinary studio practice here:


I feel very privileged to be accepted into the program, they only take 4 students each year.


@emenel congrats!! that is super impressive. Good luck!

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Sounds amazing! congratsss :slight_smile:

maybe slightly/totally irrelevant but the image on the website program made me think of Juan Muñoz, a spanish artist whose work i find very interesting and had me obsessed for some time.



  1. be kind
  2. revive modular projects, it’s really the instrument closest to my heart though i tried to give it up. consolidate towards one system with which I can make an entire track live, whatever the limitations of that approach.
  3. learn a new medium (maybe live coding… but abstracted from musical considerations)
  4. find my dragon Grumble a pet werewolf.
  • Learn to cook healthier meals and maybe start a small herb garden in the kitchen.

This was originally on my 2018 goals post and only the first half made its way to my 2019 goals post. Happy to say that the bolded portion finally started recently. Our collection of houseplants in the living room have also been steadily increasing and the plants are doing better than they have in previous years, which is exciting to see.


Update - we got our liquor license. Hoping to open the bar in the next week. At the moment it is finishing paintwork, decorating and getting the last bit of stock in for a soft open. Wee.