Goals //// 2020

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Here’s your 2020 goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations thread

Sorry @emenel and @marcus_fischer I beat you to it this time :slight_smile:


I didn’t set any goals for myself in the ‘Goals 2019’ thread, but I want to do that now for the year ahead. I like to keep the list as short as possible, to not pressure myself too much. Here we go:


  • publish a book (photos and writings)
  • learn to develop and print film
  • collaborate with a dancer
  • make one video work
  • make one work using field recordings


  • change and decrease medication intake (a big one for me)
  • find a healthy balance in everything
  • breath, move, meditatie, be silent
  • focus on my health as number one priority (interestingly I put my creative goals first, they are more fun to think about I suppose)
  • practice gratitude
  • do something for the environment

okay that’s it! I wish you’ll a positive end of this year!



  • keep making it! Releasing albums is good, but making music is the most important thing.
  • take time to “deep” listen to various kinds of music without multitasking, like I used to.
  • support more musicians through Bandcamp.


  • the gear I have now is excellent, satisfying and complete. I don’t need to change anything, though I can.
  • character, charm and a focus that fits my music are more important than versatility.
  • keep tracking spending/selling/trading, but also include software and shipping costs.
  • don’t sell/trade any Eurorack gear until I try the E520. (Pedals that don’t duplicate effects already well covered, perhaps)


  • Keep a food/exercise journal.


  • Don’t read threads I suspect are toxic. Don’t unhide posts from commenters I’ve hidden just out of curiosity. Don’t reply to toxic comments or commenters.
  • Ask myself what effect I want my comment to have and whether it will achieve that.
  • Don’t react defensively.

My goals for 2020

The last year or so has reminded me of the importance of habits. The proverbial drops that hollows out the stone etc. Project planning is not my strongest skill. But I have disciplin when I am motivated. I just need to focus my efforts on the right thing to keep moving. I’ve settled on the idea that my long term goal is to become my best self, to make the most of what I’ve got. I suppose it’s a journey with no finish line.

My big solitary goal for 2020 would be to release an album. Yet, experience gives me no reason to trust myself. Instead I wish to commit to a continuous monthly habit of releasing/completing one full song. This will still take some planning. I might do EPs instead of singles, though.

Daily lyric writing.

Daily vocal training. I have been taking vocal lessons for a year and the last few months I got into a really good routine of daily practise. I’ll just keep at it. Looking forward to age as a crooner.

Daily exercise. For mental and physical wellbeing. (Everything counts, the habit is what’s important – a few situps, push-ups or a run allows me to put an X in the calender)

I also wish to be more social - spend more time with friends. And to go to more gigs, exhibitions, galleries. It seems a strategy would be to combine goals - to exercise and socialize, to experience art with friends etc.

Being a good parent, spouse and family member will take first priority.


-Release another album of my own (one collab project already coming out in February)
-Refine workflow and learn to mix better
-Play live
-Learn and do something creative outside of my comfort zone
-Photograph more

-Find a job that I would feel comfortable being for several years, or enjoy hopping from place to place and floating but don’t commit to place that doesn’t feel good

-Ferment a lot of stuff, grow some food, eat well
-Climb more and learn to lead climb
-Hike and bikepack more, overall spend more time out in the nature


2019 has been a challenging year on many levels, but that’s not to suggest it has been bad and there have been many opportunities to learn from the experiences of 2019.

2020 will be definitely be a depth year.

I didn’t do it consciously, but having added quite a collection of things to my setup I’m put myself in the position where I absolutely don’t need any more gear or tools with which to make music: half a dozen guitar pedals (Meet Maude, Zvex Instant Lofi Junky, Q-Tron etc), an additional mixing desk, iPad Pro, Microfreak, Beatstep Pro, SP303.

I finally realised how much of a negative effect politics and current affairs have upon my mental health when followed through social media which has caused me to disconnect from all social media platforms almost entirely. I’m happy for this to largely continue. I will post things when I have something to say, but distractedly browsing my Facebook and Twitter feed is an absolute no, as is getting involved in toxic discussions.

  • buy no more gear (excepting upgrading to Live Suite)
  • study for my MA in Music Research (either completely, if my application for January is approved, or begin in September, if it isn’t)
  • sell more possessions (lighten my footprint)
  • learn more about and engage fully with all of my audio equipment
  • take a “beginner’s mind” view to Ableton (i.e. learn it afresh without an adherence to the traditional left-right DAW view)
  • limit social media (continue to limit social media)
  • hit the self-imposed January 31st deadline for my beat-tape/album/whatever you want to call it
  • create entirely new work - totally forward-facing
  • commit to a regular schedule of YouTube videos
  • browse less, read more

Music: record a split EP and other stand alone release with new band - Gehazi. And gig more.
Myself, record and release more retro/synthwave.

Health: lose fat, gain muscle. Numbers important, unless we’re talking reps!!


2019 had highs and lows. Played my first live show and it went great, put out a single with my new label, finished 2nd album (as of a few days ago), worked on some cool film score projects, went on a trip to LA for the first time which added a lot of clarity and drive to my career goals. As far as lows, they’re mostly to do with being inconsistent with regards to taking care of my body and mind, and spending way too much time indoors by myself in the studio.

I am very excited about 2020 because I have some very clear things I’m looking to do and am excited to start. It will be nice this year to not have to worry about making an album (I need a break from that tremendously exhausting process) and instead to spend more time developing the other parts of my career (film score work primarily), as well as just spending time playing and studying my instruments without any fear of needing to actually make something.


  • dive head first into learning jazz drumming. it’s been a long time since I really had to “practice” something, and I’m actually really looking forward to the ritual and the routine of it. plus I’m just super excited to get back into drumming.

  • go deep in exploring the gear I have + no new gear in 2020

  • launch new dedicated film score work company/brand

  • make more music for libraries

  • listen to more new music, especially supporting small artists on bandcamp. every time I see one of you guys post a long list of bandcamp albums you love, I think it’s the coolest thing ever that you listen to and support that much music from artists who really need the love

  • play more live shows


  • get back into running, do half marathon by end of the year

  • get more into mountain biking consistently, started going once a week every week in the fall and loved it

  • go vegan - I love a lot of things not vegan but I think for my health and for the planet it’s about time I step up.

  • be sober, not that this has been a huge problem but I’m looking to commit to a fully clear mind free of drugs and alcohol this year.

  • be consistent with weightlifting- I always stick to a routine for months at a time throughout the year and then for some reason or another stop for a while. here’s to actually sticking to it this year.

  • be consistent with meditation practice- another thing I often do on and off throughout the year, but want to make more consistent and habitual.


  • get better at cooking, trying new foods

  • less time on internet/instagram/reddit. I’m not of the belief that every waking moment of life must be filled with productivity, but I’m looking to replace my internet browsing habits with some healthier recreation that doesn’t eat away at my attention span.

  • get out more- meet new people

  • save up enough money to move to LA

  • continue to read more- I started reading more this year than I have in a while and I want to keep that going.


daily meditation

work with wife to inflate each others balloons rather than deflate

deepen path using my voice / instrumentations in place of reaching for any samples

deepen modular patching system learning patch/polyfusion (while present) exploration

growth and confidence at work/dealing with stress more effectively (self care)

meeting more dear musicians/folks in person/travel

down deeper in coffee daily depth subtleties

daily dulingo


stop looking to consumer goods (including gear) for satisfaction

another year of sobriety (#4!)

be as present as possible to family and friends

step up my foraging/home fermentation game

continue to develops mindfulness practice

hike and travel as much as possible


Just checked my 2019 goals and I’m quite happy how far I got!

Reduced my Eurorack setup from over 8 rows to only 2, built more AE Modular DIY stuff, sold/traded other gear, bought very few things and if I did they were mostly secondhand, went to SuperBooth (and Thomann Synth Reactor!), met lots of people, released two tapes, went on two fun road trips …

So for 2020 I’ll keep my goals here brief and focused on music:

  • reduce my overall gear even further (try to sell more and trade less)
  • make an Acid music tape
  • play with my Ciat Lonbarde some more but then sell the devices again (really just wanted to check those instruments out and cross them off my wish list … they’re awesome and fun, but I’m just as happy to build instruments like that myself with an Axoloti for cheap or use my modular for weird stuff … now really the last item on my wish list is Buchla … but well … :crazy_face:)
  • visit SuperBooth

2019 has generally been a pretty good year for me! I thought I’d also revisit my 2019 goals first…

Music - yes to playing live more [culminating in a festival slot!], yes to maintaining a decent music output, although this year was slower than 2018. Released an EP, and got my music on a number of compilations. No to attending more local events though :frowning:

Health - not as much hiking as I’d like, although I have been a lot more active since getting a dog :smiley: Also having Nira means having to maintain a routine, if not for me then for her sanity.

Academia - I did do more writing as intended: got two published papers out of this year and my exegesis is well on its way.

House: Got more smart plugs and smart lights :smiley:

For 2020:

Music: maintaining my output.

Health: try to lose some of this weight. Some of it is medication-induced, some of it is definitely self-induced!

Academia: try to get most of this exegesis done, with a view of finishing end of 2021.

Dog: enroll Nira into agility classes.

House: reorganising and rethinking how I’m using spaces, and also decluttering.

Work: try to find a new job, because my current workplace is a toxic mess.


My partner was vegan when we first met and, before we met, I think I maybe ate tofu once. Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s website and “Isa Does It” cookbook were awesome resources to learn about vegan cooking. Even as an omnivore, every Isa recipe I made was super delicious, fairly easy to make, and the ingredient lists weren’t terribly obscure.


I had a whirlwind of changes in 2019. New position in the company I work for, moved into a house after basically renting dumpy apartments for a decade, got over the hump of learning gear and began to write more, got out of the mindset of “I have to run every day”, and had a kid!

Goals for 2020

Start Journaling.

Exercise for the sake of exercising, not for competing.

Before I buy any gear, ask myself what purpose does it fill and can I accomplish that with what I already have.

Volunteer monthly.

Read for fun each weekend.

Try mixing and mastering on my own.

Stoke my child’s musical curiosity.

Edit: i almost forgot. I tend to hold onto junk longer than I should. Junk as in the stereo receiver Ive been meaning to repair but haven’t yet. If I don’t use something for more than two months, get rid of it.


I resonate with your fermentation goals. I began this year with Kombucha, lacto-fermented veggies, and I’ve got some Miso going (perhaps deep into 2020), but now is the time to experiment. Fermentation is so enjoyable !


Hello, seldom poster and long time lurker here. A lot of big changes for me these past few years and I want to get a handle on a few things. I work full time and I’m getting old. I’m hoping that posting on here will help me solidify some goals. I tend to over promise when I get excited so I’m trying to keep goals achievable/realistic. I also feel like I put my foot in it when I post on here.

GOALS 2020:

  1. I read a couple of posts here about ‘Depth Years’ I think this is a fine idea. I’m going to try boxing up all but a handful of gear. I’m also going to try limiting myself to Renoise for music production because I want to learn it. I can allow myself to use other software for mastering tracks. I’ve been using Adobe Audition for years but my student licence is about to expire. Also, l want to try sticking mainly to linux. The goal being that I learn new skills, new software, and narrow my focus so I can be more ‘effectively’ creative.

  2. Cancel my Amazon and Ebay accounts. It feels like a cop out every time I spend money with them. It’s a small thing but it will make me feel virtuous and fancy. I can always re-instate if I really need it for some reason.

  3. I have one vinyl release out that I’m proud of. It was a ton of work, I got some positive reviews and I played out for a few years. This was about 10 years ago now. I want to give it another go. Maybe not the playing out part… we’ll see.

  4. I run a ‘collaborative’ label with my son, and friends. This was born out of a desire to make new exciting stuff and to share old recording that I think are worth sharing. I want to take this to another level. I guess finding out what the hell that means is part of that. This is a way to honor the creativity of my friends. It’s for fun.

  5. Pay off half of my student debt. (I’m actually at the point where this is doable).

  6. Just a general effort to be more connected to the people I care about as well as make new friends. A big part of this is being better at giving gifts. I want to be a giver.

That’s enough…


I don’t usually do any goal lists but this year i think it’s worth to try.
The end of the year is marked by massive self re-evaluation and realisation i am largely disjointed personality not realising a lot about myself :slight_smile:

So here go some goals for 2020:

  • Find good counseling service to come to terms with my personal life
  • Get rid of hygroma on my left hand
  • Travel more with my daughter, and travel more in general i guess
  • As a result of this year i have a TON of musical material. And i want to find a good format to release it regularly (EPs spread out throughout the year seem like a starting point)
  • I also want to find a good friendly label to release on. I generally struggle with building new connections so it’s a challenge :slight_smile:
  • I am not sure, but maybe i want to perform live. Will see.

right now my main goal for 2020 is to make a “live modular” techno EP in a few days and have it ready for early January (and since it’s starting slow i need to affirm it publicly here to help the process gain traction!).
I want to try and see if such a constrained time frame will help me shunt existential questions about my music, and just act.


Last year went pretty well. This year’s list isn’t significantly different, even though I set out to make it different. There’s less I wanted to change from last year’s than I’d expected.

Making Music/Sound

  • Guitar/Theory: play daily; lessons weekly
  • Synth/Software: multiple times weekly
  • Coding: continue SuperCollider, Python
  • Record/Post/Document: do better job

Other Music-Related Stuff

  • Next Music/Sound Book: rough draft progress
  • This Week in Sound (enewsletter): publish regularly
  • Disquiet Junto: introduce non-weekly project(s)
  • Disquiet.com: redesign; more guest posts
  • Freelance Writing: a solid piece per month
  • Big Side Project: re-invigorate; do it up
  • Disquietude (podcast): publish monthly (or stop)


  • Fiction: complete draft
  • Social media: continue more selectively
  • Email Overload: reduce inbound; handle backlog


  • Meditate: more often
  • Exercise: current habits + gym once a week
  • Food: cook more


  • Anything else? More speaking engagements, nifty creative gigs, other stuff? Dunno. We’ll see.


-Play 3 to 5 live shows (incorporating modular, guitar, and tape loops).

Played around 8 shows. Didn’t find a way to incorporate tape loops though.

-Continue recording and releasing music throughout the year.

I had a really productive year music wise. Hoping that continues in 2020.

-Increase my sitting meditation practice to 5 days per week (if not daily). I would also like to read Zen texts at least 3 times per week.

Fell short with this goal but was able to meditate and study zen at least 3 days per week this year.

-Exercise 3 to 5 times per week.

Still dealing with a running injury from several years ago. Hoping to get back in shape next year.

-Complete general life tasks (continue to pay off student and car debt, get my retirement savings back on track, set up a will and testament with my wife, save money toward a house, etc.).

Made progress on all of these goals. Need to do more with saving for retirement (aka spend less money on gear)

-Visit the Pacific Northwest

My wife and I are going to Vancouver in May of next year. May try to work in a trip to Seattle as well.

2020 goals:

-Play 3 to 5 shows.

-Improve recording, mixing, and mastering skills.

-Learn how to use Grid, Norns, and Nagra.

-Read 3 to 5 books.

-Meet with a financial advisor about saving for retirement and future health care costs.

-Continue to meditate and study Zen 3 to 5 times per week.

-Budget and save for a trip to Japan in 2021.