Goals //// 2020

I’ve looked at last year’s goals…Goals //// 2019
And there are some to revisit, some to modify, some to tick off, and possibly one or two new things.

Music and creativity:

  • Get that EP/album released! I now have a label that is interested, and a workflow that inspires so that should push me forward.
  • more gigs locally and maybe a little further afield.
  • Really, really learn my kit well before considering expanding my setup. More process, less GAS.
  • collaborate, public performances with others.
  • Take some film pictures again

Life: (in no particular order)

  • Work less, spend more time in parental, husbandly and creative pursuits.
  • To facilitate working less, buy less unnecessary stuff
  • Walk more, explore nature around us. Camp with the kids, climb some hills.
  • Read books again.
  • Steer clear of the news and social media, less screen time.
  • Reduce alcohol intake, junk food, get fitter.
  • Pray/meditate/develop lost spirituality.
  • Hang out with my wife lots more.

Short and sweet/high level goals for me:

  1. Focus my interest with respect to noise/sound/music. What am I looking for? How do my tools support it?

  2. Make more books of drawings, photos, or models. Develop these alongside deepening the concerns of my practice.

  3. Gain some professional experience in a field which I have studied, but not worked.

  4. Be present, supportive, and loving to the people around me which I love.



Simple 2020: make kimchi, read poetry, walk slowly
any suggestions?


this seems like a good list. no more no less


Learn to play guitar in stead of having a guitar.


I have a tendency to make ambitious goals and not sweat it too much if I don’t meet them. Not sure If that’s a positive or negative character trait but it is what it is :slight_smile:
Here are my 2020 goals, some of which I will surely fall short on.


  • Keep up the pace with live shows (playing out about once a month) but be better about intentional and thoughtful promotion. Also if I can be, be pickier about the shows I say yes to (what venues I’m playing on what nights, and who I’m playing with)

  • Finally organize that 2nd bedroom in my apartment into a working studio where I can actually record easily without disrupting my entire creative flow. This leads into goal number 3.

    I make a lot of music and generally once it’s gone it’s gone. This is a habit I’d like to break this year. The goal is to release one EP (or around 20 minutes worth) of music per month. I already have ideas for 5 EPs that should be relatively achievable (2 solo, 3 with bands) of which one is 90% completed already. I know this one is a lofty one!

Non music / creative

  • Get proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop. Combine these with some of the “generative” visual art software I’m already using like Lumen and Whorl for more unique end results that feel more like “my work” instead of the product of a software process.

  • figure out Blender for continued experiments with generative visual art

General life:

  • spend less time on my phone when in public, and less idle time on the internet in general

  • get back to a regular working out schedule

  • assess my physical health (haven’t seen a doctor or even had a primary care doc in years. There’s nothing in particular wrong that I’m aware of, but it’s never a bad idea to be more proactive).

  • Travel with my wife more! Travel has generally been one of our greatest joys in life but last year I barely ever left town outside of family obligations, due to my job commitments (some of which are real and some of which are probably only perceived).


My music goals for 2020:

  • Don’t purchase any new gear for the studio
  • Start a keyboard practice routine
  • Release a solo recording
  • Release a recording with my band
  • Play a solo show at a new venue
  • Play a show with my band at a new venue
  • Write 3x more songs (full setlist) for synth-punky side project
  • Figure out how to perform these ^ and do it!
  • Spend more time deep-listening to music

Haha, that was me three months ago. Before then it was probably 12 years since I last saw a doctor. Similarly, there was no impetus to go in, but figured I
being proactive about my health isn’t a bad idea.

We had a good chat, and when I left, my doctor said “See you in another 10 years…but really, another 5 is probably okay if nothings bothering you”.


Haha this does make me feel a bit better!

My aim is to shift some attitudes that aren’t serving me and facilitate a few community projects.

In the last year I’ve come to see how I can contribute to making art projects take shape without needing to be the artist.

I’d also like to be less judgmental and more compassionate, as well as being patient.


here are some of my goals for 2020:


  • take time to learn newly acquired instruments
  • spend more time learning scripts made by folks on here
  • learn teletype/crow
  • i’d like to make a script for norns this year
  • contribute more to this community
  • work on full length record (it’s currently in progress!!) and hopefully pitch it to labels


  • make even more drawings than this year
  • spend even less on materials (more garbage picking and estate sale going)
  • i’d like to start writing more about the work i’ve been making
  • document, document, document consistently update website
  • have a solo exhibition, be in at least one group show


  • continue to choose alternatives to dairy/other animal products
  • see more of the midwest (madison and minnesota are at the top of my list currently)
  • read more
  • learn!! grow!!

less work more play
perfection instead of instant gratification
improve health
loose weight
more sleep
less interwebz


goals for 2020


  • start learning drums with a teacher

  • continue my rediscovered love of studying the guitar

  • write new Songs for my next album

  • attend Loop 2020 in Berlin

  • play more live music with friends

  • continue blogging about music theory, music concerts, photography

  • (still undecided if I should use Instagram as a guitar practice music diary)


  • I wish I could find the time to do an extended max/msp project
    (my somewhat strange love-hate-relationship with Max)


  • continue learning and practicing French
  • read philosophical works e.g. Cassirer/Heidegger/Badiou


  • continue my bike training and
  • take a trip from Paris to Brest by bike
  • do more paintings
  • do not meditate, play …

Interesting point, it’s more common to see people striving for more of that

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I’ve been enjoying reading everybody’s goals for the year coming up (and the 2019 goals as well) - it’s always good to know that you’re not the only one with a certain set of goals in mind!

I’ve tried to keep my goals pretty simple and achievable:

Music (practice and appreciation)

  • Regular practice : two weeknights, at least 20:00 - 22:00, with additional dedicated 3h ‘block’ at least once during weekend - aim for this to be the minimum
  • Record an EP length release
  • Performance focused practice - record short jams and figure out how to improve - eye on live performance
  • Practice: find out what my voice is (or path to finding out)
  • GAS: only build/buy new gear if it passes a ‘GAS Prevention’ exercise (e.g. use Disting functionality as stand-in for the module I’ve got my eye on for a few weeks)
  • New Music: be less concerned with keeping up with all new music - at least to the point of not having to add any interesting new release to library. Compensate artists through bandcamp and going to their shows


  • Get a dog
  • Food: eat less in general


  • Comms: reply to emails within a week
  • Internet : less time browsing, more intentionality

EDIT: and to be more active in the online community (like here!)


This is inspiring, and just what I need to read. Here are mine:


  • Go back to my old cadence of a new track and a new DJ mix out every month
  • Play more live sets with my friend @bnferguson as Dharma Club


  • Back to the gym 3 times a week and put on some weight


  • Journal every day!

I only did ONE 2019 goal, I moved cities! although that was big, as it involved deciding WHICH city. oh also I started writing again for hilobrow.com, that is also big! but then I did some goals that weren’t on the list: started meditating; began weekly sessions with personal trainer; visited dublin/ireland for 1st time; saw 12 hrs of xtian marclay’s 24-hr “the clock” over 5-day period in london; completed final series of gum grafts >_<

ok 2020 goals, fwiw!

  • the website redesign. it is actually designed & built I just have to drop in content. c’mon now
  • app side-project
  • continue writing Hilobrow columns
  • populate 2nd “design-focused” insta
  • restart pilates, and/or continue w/strength training
  • continue new works on paper, AND actually send pics to galleries or something
  • stick to savings plan
  • contribute more patzr radio compositions
  • organize personal sound library so I know what I have

ok that’s probably enough to list and manage to do ONE of in the next 12 mos :wink:


I don’t do New Year’s resolutions anymore, as I find them stressful and never kept to them anyway. However, I think the sort of goals people have been posting are good to have written down, and I like the public commitment.


  • I have a full EP ready for release on Bandcamp, but have been postponing writing its companion texts, as they hurt. I have now given myself until Feb 29 to write the 4 flash backs which go with each track.
  • Pack a lot of the crap on my desk and focus on my absolute favourite gear.
  • Take 3 weeks off to work on a full length release, somewhere remote.
  • Sell a lot of gear I haven’t used in ages and which doesn’t excite me anymore.
  • Build up my first modular rig.
  • Go deep on Tidalcycles, and improve my Orca chops.
  • Be serious about fighting GAS.
  • Get involved with a music collective in the real world.


  • Support my partner in all their endeavours.
  • Get out more.
  • See friends more often.
  • Read more, offline.
  • Make at least two leisure trips, one in Europe and another farther afield.
  • Blog more, and not just about music/process.
  • Give psylocibin a shot. I don’t believe in magic bullets anymore, but the research seems solid (and promising).

Instead of grand goals, I’m focusing on daily tasks I can work on that will build into a sustainable habit.

Cooking and eating healthier, fresher food.
Exercising daily, even if it’s a long walk.
Practicing music, focusing on technical practice instead of idle noodling.
Writing, especially poetry.
More serious reading.
Putting more emphasis on socializing and making friends and possibly dating.
More effort in combating GAS and even letting go of gear I’ve not used, and decluttering in general.

In general, being mindful of my actions and intentions.


Two EPs coming out in 2020, pretty psyched. One in Feb, one toward the end.

Keep playing local shows, especially warehouses and regular house shows, love them. The only specific goal for performance is to play a noise show, rather than the usual ‘heavy ambient’.

I need to learn to filter my initial reactions to things through a ‘lines filter’, as this website has an extremely low threshold for reportable comments, it seems.

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