God is a DJ: magical shuffles


I wanted to make a thread for moments when the shuffle function amazes you, showing you perfect connections between unrelated songs and other shenanigans.

I have two for you all so far: the first has a Ratatat song acting as a funky breakdown coda to a 00’s B-side.


The second is the discovery that Sufjan Stevens and Avril Lavigne chose the same key for these songs, letting one melt into the other.



I wish there were a better way to share just two songs together… making a whole playlist seems excessive, but the transition between the tracks is important


Maybe not exactly what you had in mind but I’ve had ‘God is a DJ’ moments. Once, I was on mushrooms, thinking about someone who didn’t want to spend time with me anymore (as ya do), and then my iPod shuffle turned on. It started blasting the outro to Kanye West’s “Bound 2” (one min from the end) loud enough that I could hear it coming out of earbuds on the shelf they were sitting on. (God also dabbles in soundtrack work)




Got a nice run of “weird dance” tunes the other day




I was skipping through an old playlist on shuffle and hearing the beginning of these two back to back brought this thread to mind.





This pretty little Laurel Halo piece into Basinski works great!


These make a great pair