Going to Berlin

Hi Lines!

I’m going to Berlin with my partner in a couple of weeks - and would love some recommendations for linesy things to do there. We are both interested in music, technology, history, art, food etc. We are typical boujees.

This is inspired by a recent thread about London, where I felt that some of the things recommended were more obscure and intersting than typical tourist suggestions. I’d love a similar response.


Check out if there’s some sort of event going down at Funkhaus. The coolest concert venue I’ve ever been to.


I’m going there again in August to attend the PEOPLE-festival.

Then there’s always Schneidersladen. I’ve never been there, but it seems like a good place to go if you’re into synths. I guess they’re having different kinds of showcases and workshops from time to time as well.


If you’re planning on visiting Schneidersladen, make sure you know how to find it. It’s not obvious :wink:


I don’t live in Berlin, but I’ve been a few times.
The Hamburger Bahnof Museum is my favorite museum there. I’ve seen some really awe-inspiring installations/works there each time I’ve gone.

Also, €2 hotdogs on every corner (with mustard). Can’t beat that.
Yes you can. There’s this Mexican place called Dolores that knocked my socks off. Homemade chips (tortilla chips) and meaty-delicious-greasy-big-ass-spicy-burritos.

@Rodrigo is going to know of some other places. He goes more often than I do and has lots of opinions.


Have a look at this:

Also this:

The latter one is organized by @sandreae and puts on events at a cool co-op theatre, which is also worth checking out.


Ok, I know Berlin for food better than for art, so that’s what you’re going to get from me:

Huge fan of Le Bon restaurant on Boppstraße (esp. for weekend brunch, check their schedule and menu), not too far from the Turkish Market on Maybachufer (which you should also not miss for great street food and just a generally wonderful cultural ambience, beware it’s only Tuesdays and Fridays). There’s tons of excellent coffee and if you’re into the beer thing don’t miss Hopfenreich. There’s a lovely little bar in Neukölln called “O.T. Projektraum” on Weichselstraße 55 which has great gin drinks and is super cute. And for a lovely coffee and morning oatmeal, try Cafe Haeferkater, a tiny little pop-up on Boxhagener Str. 76-78. Last but not least, some of the best thin-crust neapolitan-style pizza at Il Retrovo, Gabriel-Max-Straße 2 (it gets really busy on weekends and popular evenings, be patient with your server then - the guys are really nice if you go when its slow and have a chat with them you might even learn their stories - a lot of them are quite interesting!). In that area are a lot of good restaurants, including Datcha across the street which is Russian to the core and even serves some appetizer plates with 100ml of vodka. For quick food look to the many Sudanese falafel places with their delicious vegan peanut butter sauce, Nil is one common chain but there are others too.

As for artsy things, there’s almost always some kind of good exhibition at Urban Spree, and several venues there that cover more local and small performances of various kinds, not always easy to find schedules on the Internet though (and I don’t use Facebook).

Oh, and really try not to miss a visit to the Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park. It’s… impressive.


I was staying in Neukölln last time I was in Berlin (2015), and honestly one of my favorite things to do was rent a bike, grab some beers and ride around/chill in Tempelhof park. Might not be warm enough for that in a couple of weeks, though.

Hamburger Bahnhof. The large scale Beuys installations/sculptures were incredible.

Big upvote for Echtzeitmusik – I checked that calendar my first day there, and managed to see 3-4 terrific shows over a couple of weeks (including the Richard Scott ensemble).

Have fun!

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I visited once on a grim rainy day. 10/10 would visit again.

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I second Hamburger Banhof. The scale of the museum is impressive. The long corridor is a sight to remember.

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I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Berlin, and have more food recommendations than music as I tend to do more traditional music things there. I have personally eaten at, and would highly recommend:

“Blue Nile” for Ethopian food. It’s in the same area as HAU2 and HAU3, which put plenty of events on and often have little exhibitions.

“Shayan” for Persian food. They have an all-you-can eat happy hour too! Would recommend the Fessenjoun and the lamb+mint+plum+spinach stew, but anything there is likely to be great.

“Amrit” (near U Nollendorfplatz) for Indian food. They have the best Mango lassi I’ve ever tasted. It’s within walking distance of Berghain and makes for good pre-Berghain food if you intend to go there.

Music/lines-ness-wise, I have not personally been to Spektrum but have heard good things about it. They seem to put on a mixture of interesting workshops and concerts. Last time I was in Berlin I stumbled upon a little gallery called DISKURS, which had a fun interactive electronics exhibit on, definitely a nice thing to check out if you’re in the area.

I’ve not been to much of the usual tourist stuff, but can definitely recommend the Naturkundemuseum (a small but excellently curated and presented natural history collection) and the Berlinische Galerie for modern art.

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Holy shit, I didn’t know about this, but very, very glad they’re able to stay open.

It probably requires a bit more advanced planning than you have on this trip, but I would also recommend visiting the Boros gallery https://www.sammlung-boros.de

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I’d definitely recommend an hour or 2 at Schneidersladen. It’s actually not that hard to find…get a U-Bahn to Kottbusser Tor, when you exit the station, look for a supermarket just over the road & it’s above in the same building, accessible by a buzzer on the right. The people there are super-friendly & you’ll be able to try out loads of great stuff.

Tempelhof is nice, as someone said earlier. The experience of cycling on a runway on a nice day is pretty awesome!

Avoid Treptower Park after it gets dark. We had some issues walking through there at night last time we were there (turns out it is a dealing hotspot).

Kreuzberg has some good bars, as does Neukolln. If you’re into veggie/vegan food, Voner does maybe the best vegan kebab I’ve ever had!

There’s a great flea market at Mauerpark every Sunday, you can watch karaoke at the amphitheatre in the Park in the afternoon, which is fun when the weather is good.

Avoid a record shop called Frank & Josef like the plague…the guy who runs it is one of the rudest people I have ever met. Googling it after the event reassured me that I wasn’t alone in this (if you fancy a laugh, it’s worth reading their reviews).

Finally, if you’re cool with heights, the TV tower at Alexanderplatz will give you a great panoramic view of the city.

Enjoy…I love Berlin. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh man! Yeah. SECONDED.

Thanks for all the great advice! We’re flying today and we’re definitely going to catch some of these things :slight_smile:

Bookmarking for when I pop over to Superbooth18

You should check out Spektrum Berlin, an art community which is focused on electronic music and visuals. They are based in Neukölln and you’ll find the upcoming shows here:


Likewise. I wonder how many of us are planning on being there?

Yeah! We’re planning to catch this show http://spektrumberlin.de/events/detail/sebve-teaser-431.html

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