Going to Berlin

Just some random input… Check out https://www.kulturtechnik.hu-berlin.de/de/hzk/tieranatomisches-theater/ if you are into nice and weird locations apart from the usual berlin jazz.

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For people going to Berlin and wanting to find cool shows to go to, I’ve made an event feed which I’ve called Experimental Berlin. If you’d have any feedback to share, I’d be happy to hear it!


Awesome, thanks a lot!

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Thank you so much! I#m in the neighborhood and always wished for this feed. See you around :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback you guys! :slight_smile: Incidentally, my TLS certificate just expired, so the site was temporarily inaccessible, but I updated the certificate and we’re back in business.

I should also mention that if you’re logged into the site, you’re able to mark whether you’re interested or going to an event and you can keep track of such events on your profile page. I find this functionality pretty useful myself :stuck_out_tongue: I plan to add notifications when events you’re interested in change (e.g. time), but we’re not quite there yet.


Gosh this topic is a pure gem! Would anybody recommend/advise on regards of attending studio time, learn mixing for a limited time, any workshops, classes to attend? I would really like to learn something mixing-wise (hardware preferable) while being in Berlin.

So I’ve now moved to Berlin! (four days ago)

I’m going to be revisiting this thread and exploring all the things people mentioned which I didn’t make it to before. And should hopefully have more useful recommendations of my own.

Is anyone else from llllllll currently living here?


Congrats on the move @jwhiles! I don’t live in Berlin, but I’ll be visiting July 1-7 — it’s my favorite city. Would also love to meet up with fellow lines folks while I’m there.

Sup. I live here :slight_smile: So does @lijnenspel. Feel free to be in touch!


Visited Berlin for the first time in March, I loved it and would love to go back! Congrats on the move!

A few things i could definitely recommend:

Rhinoçéros Bar, which is up in the P-Berg area, was the single coolest bar I have ever been too.
It’s a hi-fi jazz listening bar, with absolutely amazing cocktails and charcuterie plates, friendly and awesome bartenders (say hi to Maxime for me!), super cozy and small with just a few tables and a 4-top bar. Highly recommended!

Also, there is no shortage of good food, however Umami Berlin had some of the best Pho I have ever tasted, and it’s a cute little traditional Vietnamese place with good prices.


Spending my time in Berlin currently and I must say I love this city. I can recommend visiting Blacklist bar for its gorgeous 60s interior design. I was passing by in the bus, saw it and couldn’t resist the temptation to get in. Get there in the evening time to feel the vibe. Cheers.


So Berlinsters, I’m hopefully gonna go to this SM-LL show SM-LL, Conditional, FLUF - July European Mini-Tour next month. Is anyone else attending?


I’m going to Berlin in November with my beloved one. Any hotel/airnbnb to recommend in cool places ?

In terms of places to stay, transportation is a big thing to look out for? Near the U7 / U8 is great, as is anywhere on the ring (the train that goes around the city, S41/S42). I love most of the neighborhoods around Tempelhof, maybe over into Schoneberg. Kreuzberg / Neukoln are pretty classic berlin-y neighborhoods, but where they land on the “exciting” <> “hot mess” spectrum is block-by-block and a matter of personal taste (still lots of amazing possibilities and apartments there).

I’ve had pretty fantastic luck with airbnb’s in the past, but find one now because they’ll disappear. https://en.wg-suche.de has lots of short term sublets, if you’re staying more than a week / price is important / you can navigate the german.

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I’d also recommend Kreuzkölln (aka Reuterkiez: the area where Kreuberg and Neukölln meet). Lots of cool places close to the canal, also close to Schneiders Laden and Patch Point.
For live music check out Experimental Berlin, Funkhaus, Ausland, Echtzeitmusik


For one month plus sublets both Craigslist and Facebook are worth a look. Both tend more towards expats, so potentially easier for non-German speakers. As mentioned above places go very quick – especially the good ones – so don’t sleep on it.

Be aware that a lot of the sublets are not strictly legal (although not usually an issue unless you’re trying to Anmeldung).

Thanks @scztt, @rklem and @robbie ! We are just coming for a long weekend. I’ll search around Tempelhof, Schoneberg. Kreuzberg / Neukoln.
Thanks for the pointers for live music too !!

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I’m going to be in Berlin this weekend as my girlfriend is running the Marathon. I need to have a read through the thread and pick out any good tips!

Looking for a good vegetarian place to go for a celebratory meal afterwards.

most of places serve vegetarian dishes in Kreuzberg. Walk down on Oranienstrase from Oranienplaz towards Görlitzer Bahnhof and check the places on both side of the street. These days I tend to enjoy Vietnamese vegetarian kitchen - huge Pho bowls of vegetables with rice noodles and tofu for like 6EUR. Top of my head I would suggest the one in the beginning of Maybachhufer (next to Kottbusser bridge) but there are many and the quality is great. Also, vegetarian street food is a thing in Kreuzberg, check the Wrapublic in Oranienplatz.


If you like it a bit more fancy, there are also many a bit more upscale options. Cookies Cream comes to mind …

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