Going to Berlin


If you’re interested in design, objects, or material cultures at all, the permanent collection at the Museum Der Dinge is a must - it’s excellently, and interestingly, organised, and full of great things, including a whole chunk of Dieter Rams and some great sections on 30s German kitsch. I loved it.


Mate! Don’t forget Brian Enos ISM Hexadome in the Gropius-Bau.
Tonight is an artist talk with Mr. Eno


hellllllo. first post.
I’d check to see what’s on at c-base: https://c-base.org
It’s the original hackspace and they sometimes host synth meets, CCC events, the Linux audio conference and a lockpicking group, and afaik a Go tournament.
And Dr Pong on Eberswalderstrasse. I haven’t been in years but it used to be ace. And I don’t even like ping pong.



Sad to say that I didn’t see about the Brian Eno event until it was already too late. I had an amazing time in Berlin none-the-less. It’s a fantastic city and I was very glad to be able to get to act on some of these recommendations.

The Hamburger Bahnof Museum was amazing, and has a whole section of Balinese art - something which I’ve never been exposed to before, but which I found to be beautiful and inspiring. We spent almost an entire day in that museum actually.

We also got to the Museum Der Dinge - which was beautifully trite - and saw some questionable performance art at Spektrum :slight_smile:

We had a Voner kebab - and a normal kebab in quick succession. Both were good - Voner felt more ethical and also slightly more healthy.

Something I’d really recommend to other people going to Berlin is a visit to Teufelsberg. It’s a gigantic cold war era listening post - which you can go inside. It is full of beautiful echoes (it inspired this reverb plugin) and probably also tetanus. It’s in the middle of the grunewald - so we were able to combine visiting it with a really lengthy forest walk.

Berlin was amazing and I can’t wait to go back to do all the things I didn’t manage to this time.


Looks like I’ll be in Berlin in the first week of May if anyone fancies meeting up.


@Rodrigo : the superbooth will take place 3-5th may.



That might be cool to check out. Most of my daytimes will be tied up, but catching some stuff in the evening would be sweet.


Heading to Superbooth in a few days… will have all of Sunday to go exploring… based near Tempelhof.

any more recommendations?

Never been to Berlin, despite almost everyone saying I would love it… really excited.


Common Ground is kind of close!

and then you can walk to KINDL from there:



I’ll be in berlin for pictoplasma, which is at the same time as superbooth apparently…


Patch Point is pretty nice. Also went to Schneiders, but I have to say it’s not really my jam/vibe.


Schneiders is closed over Superbooth, as the whole of FEZ becomes like a massinve Schneiders, so keeping Sunday for non synth stuff…

will go wandering, so any areas in town that are good to wander.


If the weather is good and you’re hungry, I really enjoyed Thai Park in Wilmersdorf. I think it’s typically open on the weekend.

But yeah, wandering wherever will yield something interesting. I miss Berlin.


Berliners, are you still around? I’m moving to your beautiful city next week, and looking for long term living space seems like a huge pain. Would love any tips regarding looking for accommodation, website links and/or contacts. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Hey, finding a flat has become quite complicated compared to 10 or 12 years ago. These days the temp solution is often not much more expensive then a permanent flat anymore for which by now you best have a steady job and need to be willing to provide quite a few proofs… wondering when you’ll be asked for blood samples. I live in Berlin for more than 12 years now. Friends usually get their flats through Immobilienscout24, wg-gesucht.de, etc. Best is usually friends of friends who know friends… So, feel free to PM me to send me more info what you are looking for… and good luck!!


Just so you know that Schneidersladen said quite some racist polemic things around the Brexit referendum and have been quite rude to customers I know. I don’t go there anymore for those reasons. I can totally vouch for Patch Point though!

For music, I can recommend A L’ARME!, which is my favorite festival in Berlin happening first week of August. Always a great mix of avant garde jazz and sound art. This years line up looks amazing!

My recommended touristic places are:

  • Stazi (secret service of the GDR) museum is my all time rec, which is situated in the former headquarters. If you’re up for some pure dystopia.
  • Botanical Garden: It’s greenhouse are old and beautiful, also good if the weather is less great.
  • Sachsenhausen and Haus der Wannseeconferenz for a lesson in what stigmatization looks like and causes. Very important in times like these.
  • Jewish museum for its excellent story telling through experience.
  • Tempelhof, as mentioned before, for a picnic

Some other things:

  • Medical Museum Charite, big collection of medical samples, not for people with a weak stomach.
  • Spreepark, abandoned amusement park.
  • Body Worlds, bit touristy, but very educative tour through (real!) human bodies.
  • DesignPanopticon, museum for bizarre objects.


Welcome in Berlin, I’d love to hang out!

Be sure to use the “google reverse image search” trick on flat search websites. When I was searching years ago I managed to weed out a lot of scammers by checking if photos came from other websites. Don’t know how bad it is now, but back then I wrote a scaper to filter them, about 40%, out hahaha :nerd_face:


Biggest tip - immerse yourself with the language, it’s easy to get by just with English but doors definitely open if you persevere with the German. And don’t be dissuaded if at first its difficult, Berliners can be tough personalities at first.


Any source on this? I cannot find anything. I personally have never had a bad experience at Schneiders. The staff are always very helpful and patient when I’m there. Their advice is also quite solid. I came in once looking for a filter and they recommended Sisters and walked me trough all it’s possibilities.


They seem to have deleted their post and made an “apology”: http://www.stromkult.com/english-humor. The thread about it on MW is gone too.