Going to Berlin


Rascist?? Or against a country?? Because we britishers are not actually a race…

I’d like to know more on this as I don’t want to support a rascist organisation, but if they just said we are total idiots for Brexit, then i’ll drink to that!


Yeah racist is not the right word, sorry… perhaps nationalistic?

Here’s the screenshot of the deleted post:


from https://twitter.com/TomWhitwell/status/747827818940215296 (hope its ok sharing this, @TomWhitwell?)


(…or maybe just deeply disappointed to see europa going astray a little bit more.)


lol I dislike those things about England too :smiley:

And it looks like this is a response to Brexit. I’m sure you can relate to the sentiment…It looks to me like the “ahhh, well we didn’t want you anyway!” “You can’t fire me because I quit” stuff.

It’s just people blowing off steam about a situation they can’t control. I don’t think it should be judged toooo harshly.


I’m also a Brit who has never had anything but great, friendly & helpful service at Schneider’s. This very much looks like it came from a place of frustration. Thinking back to referendum result day, I recall quite a lot of despair from those of us who figured we were better united than divided. Let’s also consider that the U.K. “representative” within the EU was a certain Mr. Nigel Farage. I’m not at all surprised that there was a certain amount of cynicism doing the rounds at that point.


Patch Point is a great place!!


For me it reads “look at us Germans being superior” and I think there’s already too much of that kind of scary nationalistic rhetoric in Germany at the moment.


I talked to Andreas that very day and he is a big supporter of the European Union; the sentiment here and with many Germans is/was that the UK never fully committed to the EU by then/now anyway, keeping their own currency.
The whole Brexit thing is just like another death nail into the idea of a European Union and in the end is a clear sign of the right wing winning, brainwashing the UK into voting “leave”. It is a shame.
Of course there is a lot of polemic in that tweet that obviously did not gel well and can be rated as awkward, clumsy, depending on how much you know the person. If you think that “SchneidersLaden” which is not one person but obviously highly identified as Andreas or the guy himself is racist, nationalistic or anything like that, I can reassure you, he is not, totally opposite.
Also, I think the current SchneidersLaden team rocks hard but in the end you can discard my opinions and input here as invalid as I work for Mr. Schneider but not for SchneidersLaden. Patchpoint is bringing nice brands to Berlin, top job.


Well of course you can interpret that in any way you like, but calling them racist was quite a dangerous and harmful thing to do. I suggest thinking twice before saying stuff like that as it can really cause unnecessary drama for them. I also highly doubt they are German nationalists.


Celtic will win the World Cup


Seems like he’s quite the opposite of a nationalist. It appears he believes in a strong European Union based on his comments, and is upset that the far right won in Britain.


Hey all - going to be in berlin until the 22nd. Anything of particular note or cool shows or anything I should make a point to see?


Just some random input… Check out https://www.kulturtechnik.hu-berlin.de/de/hzk/tieranatomisches-theater/ if you are into nice and weird locations apart from the usual berlin jazz.


For people going to Berlin and wanting to find cool shows to go to, I’ve made an event feed which I’ve called Experimental Berlin. If you’d have any feedback to share, I’d be happy to hear it!


Awesome, thanks a lot!


Thank you so much! I#m in the neighborhood and always wished for this feed. See you around :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback you guys! :slight_smile: Incidentally, my TLS certificate just expired, so the site was temporarily inaccessible, but I updated the certificate and we’re back in business.

I should also mention that if you’re logged into the site, you’re able to mark whether you’re interested or going to an event and you can keep track of such events on your profile page. I find this functionality pretty useful myself :stuck_out_tongue: I plan to add notifications when events you’re interested in change (e.g. time), but we’re not quite there yet.