Going to Berlin

People also say good things about Dark Matter, so check it out if you have a chance.

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I have visited. Worth checking out.

Artwise, there still is a biennale happening.


Highly recommend checking this festival in silent green (wedding) on 22/09 - 25/09.

Bendik Giske, Carmen Villain, Perila and many more.

Future soundscapes

For museums, my favorite would be

  • Gropius Bau (currently there is an exhibition of Louise Bourgeois)
  • for photos 1) C/O (usually worth checking out what Is going on there at the moment) and 2) Berlinische Galerie (there is an exhibition of Sibylle Bergemann
  • Gemäldegalerie (for fine arts)
  • Barberini (in Potsdam)

For live music, or a bit of dancing, I guess it was mentioned already, but I would repeat:

  • loophole
  • sameheads
  • arkaoda
  • kwia (for a chill listening session lying on a nice rug with a cocktail in superb interior :slight_smile:

Lastly, it’s worth checking KM28 for events (see Their insta), but also for example there will be an event with Peter blasser and other folks Sound portraits


I’ll wind up at Volksbühne tonight for this, say hello if you see me. Sparks sweatshirt and hanging out with a couple of friends with magnificent beards.

Day after edit- Was that a Colin Stetson cameo in Caterina Barbieri’s set? Or is someone else doing a similar Sax kind of thing?

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I’m going to future soundscapes tonight, possibly by myself. If anyone else is going and wants to say hi, send me a message :slight_smile:


I missed the Caterina Barbieri concern in Berlin but saw her more recently on tour in London. What a brilliant set! No sax though. Listening around on Spotify I see she’s done a collaboration with a sax player called Bendik Giske who uses a lot of extended techniques along the same lines as Colin Stetson. The track is called ‘Fantas for Saxophone and Voice’: (Spotify) . Could this be the person?

Also, as a little update on my trip to Berlin last month, I was very grateful for the recommendations and did indeed make a trip to Patch Point as suggested. I ended up spending all my time there playing with the Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus, and have since made a short song which incorporates the stereo tracks that I recorded from the Cocoquantus on the day (the thumb piano and deep percussion sounds) along with a few other tracks I added afterwards (baritone sax, prophet 6 pad, electronic wind instrument solo). Here it is in case of any interest!

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Will be in Berlin early Jan on work (plus a few free days) I am on a museum courier trip. I am a UK person. Last time I went to Berlin there was a wall! Curious about nice bars to go to in evening. Any good live stuff going on between the 6th and the 12th jan?

I read a review of the Nosferatu exhibition which is on my provisional list- anyone seen it ? any good?


Is anyone going to the Ocean / Karnivool concert this Saturday? If so, let me know! A friend is unable to go and I have a second ticket :slight_smile:

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Pretty pumped about transmediale 2023-02-01 to 2023-02-05 and CTM 2023-01-27 to 2023-02-05, Berlin. A major new media art festival thing with a bunch of talks, performances. CTM starts this week.


i’ll be going to the CTM performance of Maryanne Amacher’s »GLIA« at radialsystem, i’ve always wanted to experience her work live.


Cool! I might go to that performance as well (the one on Feb 2). Was actually planning to go to the event right after on the same day: Spaces Unfolding Within Spaces :: CTM - but I just saw that that one’s already sold out.