Going to Glasgow

I thought we had a topic for what’s on where but my search turned up a number of titles like mine. I’ll be in Glasgow from Australian for the first half of September 2023. I hoping to see some of the experimental and modular scene there and wondering if anyone knows who’s putting on shows. I may bring a couple of devices anyway and they would be enough to do a set.
Also would love to do some music shopping. Unfortunately where I live in Australia you have to buy everything on hope and demos and reviews and I’d love the novelty of sitting down and playing with some new stuff. Also will have days in Nottingham and Manchester too and some time in Edinburg and then north.
Thought this was the best place to reach out. I’m happy just to come and meet some locals too!

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I help run Wavetable over in Edinburgh (a quick train ride away) along with @Obakegaku, @expertsleepers, and @Floa. Date might not work out for you, but you can find info here: http://wavetable.info

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Oh that’s amazing. I recognise and respect you all. I’ll look it up

Signal Sounds in Glasgow is the go to place for all things synth, and modular


I may be around for the 21 September one. Do you want another performer? I’ll check the plans for the trip but am flying out from Glasgow a few days later so it may work sweetly. In any case I hope I get to see what you’re all doing there

Edit to correct something and say I’m not pushing for a gig but would love to share what we all do with people many and varied. But yeah if I could make some sounds too, that would be a real treat

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attack release organises monthly modular nights, they often happen toward end of the month. the old hairdresser is a nice little venue that often hosts noise and experimental gigs.
other good places to have a look in terms of music/arts are the glad cafe, stereo, flying duck, tramway.
plus a there’s a lot of beautiful pubs…



I’m in Glasgow.

Attack Release or Noisebox both put on regular nights in Bloc - though the latter tends to book far in advance. The former is more likely to be able to get you on a bill. Attack Release isn’t just modular fwiw - it’s any kind of electronic. Nice folk too.

Like Kenny said - Signal Sounds is the place to go for demos and cool new stuff, though Rubadub does also have a small collection.

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Looks like that month is fully booked (ridiculously, we tend to book acts about a year in advance these days - there’s such an incredibly vibrant experimental/electronic scene emerging in Scotland!). Do come along if you can though. The headline that month will be Ian Boddy which will be amazing. (But get tickets well in advance - we have been known to sell out a month ahead in the past.)

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Oh wow I’d love to see him! Thanks for the pointers and I hope to meet in person.
Also great to hear that the scene is developing. I must say that here too there seems to be incredible momentum to new and experimental music even if attendance is limited there are plenty of people willing to take risks and share their art. I think in some ways it is insular which is good for nurturing the scene but is also why I’m keen to see how things are in distant places.

Thanks, I’m definitely going to check these out! Will come back to query if I have some questions.

:musical_note: all my friends are synnnthhs :musical_note:

I’m also in Glasgow, will fire over a list of good records shops in a bit as things seem to be nicely covered in thread above ref venues (Glad Cafe and Old Hairdressers both a strong vote from me, the Glad often has unexpectedly big names playing in their little DIY type surroundings - I saw Phil Niblock there last week)


Ok so gear wise, Signal Sounds and Rubadub are your best bet for sure.
Great scene out of Rubadub in general - they do regular mini events (just back from seeing Russell Haswell and Konx-Om-Pax in store tonight) and are the most knowledgeable guys in the city ref gear, music, events etc.

Record, bookshops and art spaces are good - the CCA, Tramway, Transmission, Alchemy Experiment all good for arts (plus plenty of DIY/smaller things all over); Rubadub good for music from the underground side of dance to much weirder stuff, Mixed Up records in the West End good for second hand as are the Oxfam Music ones, Some Great Reward and Otherside in the South Side good for eclectic weirdness and unexpected finds; and a stack of great bookshops in the West End.

Also the great thing about Glasgow is that in an hour you can be on the edge of the Highlands with lochs and mountains, in a little longer you can be on a reasonably unspoilt island…


Thanks so much. And bookshops yes, my second favourite thing to do! Really looking forward to this and glad we have a couple of weeks in Glasgow.

Even my Scottish friends are synths (except my wife)