Going to Prague

Hey people!

As I remember some sort of topic with this particular title and as i think the best place to receive some good advice is exactly Lines instead of the classic web research, where I found something nice as well of course, but having some more tips here from you, in order to go more deep through the cities, would be amazing!
I’m thinking especially about experimental music (music places in general, shops, venues, events) ,
Art (art related places, museums, artist residences, photography)

I’ll be in Prague with my girlfriend from August 23 to 27 (I’ll bring with me a Norns and a lil skiff 100% :smile:) open for meetups for a talk, a drink, why not!

I’m very curious and excited to listen something from you, thanks in advance!!


paging @interpretnull to this thread

Prague is such a beautiful city, so much so that i’ve only ever just wanted to walk around the whole time and never really felt the urge to dive into any of the experimental music spots in the city (some surely exist, although there might be more in Brno). the DOX museum is nice and might have some performances that stray into that territory.

be sure to get outside the center of the city.


Thanks for the ideas, of course DOX will be covered!

Thanks for the ping @karst, I have been absent for too long.

I actually just moved home to Scotland but I can give you some tips in Prague. DOX is a great tip so definitely check that out.

Other cool spaces are Cross Club (which is also in Holašovice where DOX is) the music varies but the club is really cool in terms of the crazy decor and such. It has a beer garden and cafe which is open during the day and is a 5 minute walk from DOX. Cafe v Lese is a great venue that normally has some cool things happening and the area it is in, Vinohrady is generally a cool place to check out, nice places to drink and eat and a cool old cinema.

What kinda thing are you looking for? Beer places? Restaurants (vege/vegan?)? Let me know and I can give you some tips.


If you intend to visit Prague Castle, please keep an eye out for this gem:

Visitors to the Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle can see the first printed edition of ‘Eroica’, with the dedication to Prince Lobkowicz. The palace’s edition has Beethoven’s handwritten corrections and annotations. The score, printed in October 1806, is well-worn, with stained corners and edges indicating it was heavily used.

Full story here: Prague uncovered: Original Beethoven scores and twice-recovered artworks at Lobkowicz Palace - Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is lovely. Enjoy your time there!


Thank you @interpretnull ’ve checked both Clubs, Cafe v Lese and they’re very nice places indeed! As I said it’d be amazing to find something like

About food would be awesome to have some nice tips about a couple of places where normally a tourist would not go to,
I’m very open.
I know there is a big Vietnamite population in Prague and at Sapa market you can find Vietnamite street food dishes, is that nice? It definitely catches my curiosity, even if it’s not very Czech :smile:

Thank you @Voltmeister for the nice advice about Prague Castle and thanks for the story link about Beethoven and the Lobkovicz family Palace, it’s definitely a place to visit and maybe I’d haven’t find it via the Prague Castle website!

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all I’ve ever been in Prague is a brief visitor, so I’m sure my food recs are quite touristy (not to mention outdated), but for Czech bar fare I’ve had good experiences at Lokál (the original one east of the river) and at Kolkovna Olympia. Lehká hlava served us some great vegan food in a pretty awesome setting ten years ago too.

Also recommend walking up to Petrin Hill and climbing the tower.

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