Good approach for building a phrase looper in Max

I am building a Max + Max4L patch to control Ableton Live parameters in a cool and flexible way.

One thing I was thinking about was to maybe include a phrase recorder. So that I could wiggle a button and have that movement repeated, looped retriggered etc. A bit like automation works in session view but with my own twist.

I did make a quick prototype using a table and reading it back with a line object. It did work well although I would have to find a good way to either resize the table or just use a part of it. Pretty easy to figure out, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips for a smarter way to do this than table + line.

Another thing is I am probably going to have a lot of parameters to modulate and don’t want to include 200 tables in my patch. Oh well. Any tips for a good approach for recording midi knobs and reading them back?

20 chars of the The [mtr] object?

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