Good bye



I’m saying good bye to here now. It’s been… Ok. I hope you all have a good time. I’m very tired. I don’t enjoy being on the internet.

[update] thank you folks, that’s nice. @Gordiegoose i am totally fine.

i guess i was feeling especially tired and over things yesterday - it was a long day in a long week. but this isn’t a dramatic thing, its just been incrementally clearer and clearer over the last few years, that my engagement with the forum is essentially compulsive - an activity in which i put a lot of energy in but don’t get much out.

i’m getting a little older and life is more and more full of things to get done. that’s all. i want to push some of my own projects a little harder (not norns, etc.) so, you know, things may pop up elsewhere.

really, good luck and have fun.


Thanks for helping me so much during the time you could! <3


Have fun out there and take care.


Yeah, it’s getting worse.


Take good care of yourself.


To me you have been a integral part of the lines community. Big, big loss.


Thanks for everything you’ve given.

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Thank you for everything, and the best of wishes for whatever you choose to do next. I hope you find peace and happiness in being away from the internet.

Thankyou for all your help. You have given above and beyond help to many folks here and for that I salute you. You will be sadly missed. Take care. Family, health and happiness comes first.


you’ve given so much already.
take care and thanks for all!

You’ve always gone above and beyond and I’m sure there are hundreds (if not thousands) of people on here you would be lost without your support and patience. I hope you find joy and fulfillment wherever you look for it!


Thanks for your work and presence.
Take care and do things you enjoy.

It was memorable chatting with you about pd when I first stumbled on lines, thanks for that.

Oh no. Thanks for your help and all the things you created. Including your music of which I’d love to hear more.
Less internet seems like a great idea. Like running more often.
I wish you all the best.

Thank you for your countless contributions. I’ve learnt a LOT from your comments and inputs.

Wish you all the best, take care.

Thank you very much for giving so incredibly much. I wish you all the best. Take good care!

Does anybody know them IRL and could check in?
I mean, it’s definitely good in a self care respect to leave the Internet, but if anyone actually knows them an outreach might be good.

I hope they’re all good, their help has been invaluable


Thanks for everything, enjoy the time off.

Always enjoyed reading your thoughts on here. Thank you very much for posting those and for all the work you’ve put into this community and the tools surrounding it. Also for your music! Wish you all the best!

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Sorry to hear you’re leaving, and thanks for all the help you’ve given me during my time on the forum.

I hope you’re OK, and I wish you all the best with whatever you choose to do next.

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