Good Traders


Bought a grid from @dudadius, very nice, quick and clear communication. Package was shipped quickly and the device is in immaculate condition. In other words: great! :slight_smile:


thank you @David_Rothbaum for a quick and easy trade!


Flawless transaction with @chrisharrisx. Thanks Chris!


Bought VIII sequencer from @mDang. No hassles. Thumbs up :slight_smile:


Bought a Make Noise 104HP case from @praffensperger. Gave a good intro of the case (I’m new to modular) and was super friendly. Definitely a 5 star man!

EDIT: I also bought a couple modules from @kedromelon, he’s a golden god. Super awesome dude and super knowledgeable.


Bought a tangle quartet from @Jonathan_Riley … he shipped fast and was really great about keeping track of the order for me and making sure it arrived on time. Great seller!


I bought 4 x Telex expanders off @Dogma, who packed them well and shipped them promptly. Recommended trader. Thanks Matt!


All of the same praise goes to Nick. He was very communicative. Glad I could help him finally complete his rack! (Post it in ////pictures////!!!)


i bought a white whale from @thopa. clear and friendly communication, fast shipping, packaged carefully.


Enjoy your module :slight_smile:


Great dealing with @cebec .


Likewise! Great dealing with @lloydcole


Great experience dealing with @x2mirko. That was quick and satisfying!


Had a great experience buying from @davidjez. Very prompt communication and shipping!


Very easy transaction with @jflee. Prompt payment and great communication.


Received the isms system from @Drewsky today. Super great guy, really communicative, and everything was as described. Thanks again buddy!


Yes! @ellips_s was wonderful to communicate with and made the trade easy peasy :ok_hand:
Also, had great and smooth dealings with @dennisflax! :sunglasses:
Also, @myecholalia made sending a k-mix internationally seem like a piece of cake…or rather a card with a cake on it because that would be easy. It was great. :cake:
Also, easy surfin’ with @grs :surfing_man:


Bought an STO from @ellips_s. Packaged securely, made it all the way to Australia.


picked up a basimilus iteritas alter from @samn v smooth


bought a morphagene from @samn, he made things easy and shipped quick

also bought @bigs 's diy grid, he was a great communicator and made things super easy as well (build quality is great too!)