Good Traders


Some much belated feedback for the awesome peeps I’ve done great trades/sales with/to:



Thanks @rumorazzi for a smooth deal. (OTO biscuit)


Thank you too,
It’s been a smooth transaction! :+1:t2:


To add to good trading experiences, shoutout to @boboter for smooth transaction and super fast postage. Very happy.


My first experience buying from a Lines user was great. I bought a Make Noise LxD from @ellips_s, who caught my mistake when giving him my shipping address and contacted me immediately before the module was shipped. It arrived safely and quickly. Thanks, Jacob!


Great trading with @rtron , @laborcamp, @tehn recently.


Forgot to add. Easy trade with @dspk for LxD.


@trickyflemming is a joy to trade with.


Back at you, @cmcavoy


Bought an Arc from @Larry. It was a very fast and pleasant experience. Highly recommended!


Bought a ladik bool3 from @Marrak

Arrived safe and sound and in super quick time.


Bought a grid from @damianschwartz (shipped from spain to uk).
Shipment arrived in very good condition (as described) and damian was very helpful and communicative throughout the whole process :).


thumbs up for @iggrok Super fast shipping and very communicative


Thanks @esquilofreniko hope you’r enjoying it :slight_smile:


never bought anything here but i trust all od you :smile:


Thanks for the great communication and patience on your part, Marcus! Enjoy the WW.


excellent doing business with @electret - well packaged, promptly delivered, excellent comms, all as described.


Just got my A-143-9 in the mail from @samn. Well-packaged and in good condition.


I got a Frames from @samn! Arrived safe and sound :slight_smile:


Likewise, great business with @infovore!

I can also say that it was perfect with @lijnenspel, received a nice package with no issues :slight_smile: