Good Traders


Just sold that ableton to @_br … it was very easy!


bought a grid from @kieselguhrkid
most pleasant trade i’ve ever done.
a++++++ like they say on ebay.


Bought Leploop multicassa from @kieselguhrkid. Easy transaction. Great communication throughout.


a very belated post for some of these, but i would like to thank everyone that’s made a purchase from my for sale thread. i’d happily do business with them again!



(because the limit is 10 users per post)

also to those who i recently (or not) bought things from: you all are awesome too!



Likewise! :dancing_men:

(wait… I posted that with <20 characters?)


Glad to work with you as well! Highly recommend to any member of this forum.


Ya boi @ellips_s is super sweet and easy to work with. Awesome trader.


My first Euro module purchase in something like two years came courtesy of @x2mirko
He is a good person to deal with :slight_smile:


@baleen has my trusty Pamela’s [old] Workout and it was as smooth as a transaction could go :hugs:


@edbkt. Superfast and module is in great condition. Thanks again.


and obviously a :raised_hands: to @joshhh for accommodating my please pretty please shipping req! clocking away over here…


Yet another good trade from fellow Chicagoan @Tyresta.


Glad it worked out! Enjoy the modDemix.


Had a great experience buying from @nessy
Great communication and fast shipping to US


Great time buying from @Monarc. Friendly, good communication, super fast shipping. :+1:


I’d like to thank @shreeswifty for a great experience buying his Shnth. Excellent communication and arrived fast. Highly recommended


Just sold a batumi to @philmaguire in London good comms, fast payment, and a nice guy. :ok_hand:t4:


Likewise, @HateNames is a top seller. Lovely guy, good price and comms! Ace.


I forgot to say I got a Tempi from @chapelierfou. Top guy, great price, and he even left a nice note in the box :+1: