Got a used 64-button grid; how can I know what generation it is?

Hey all,

Did some googling and haven’t found an answer, so apologies if I was inept at searching…

Is there some sort of guide for what generation or kind of grid I have? I know the previous owner didn’t use it much, and I’m guessing he never did any firmware updates.

It doesn’t have a wooden enclosure, instead it’s rubberized. The LEDs are white, and not currently responding to fade commands, but they are responding to the overall brightness. Is this a greyscale 64? I can post a photo if that would be helpful.

In any case, I’m super excited to finally own one! Thanks for any help.


Here is a link to the editions page.

Thanks so much! It is a greyscale 64. Really excited to be joining the community!

You are welcome! Hope you thrive!

Any chance someone can point me to resources on how to update my firmware (I downloaded tehn’s files, and saw directions for the rack modules but not grids) and maybe how I can get tilt data from this thing? Suuuper excited to integrate this into my max rig.

Thanks again!

There isn’t any firmware to update on the grids. As for the tilt i’ve only used it with a few of the old applications which were capable of using it to modulate some values. I’m sure someone here can be of more help in that department and to be honest I completely forgot about that sensor.
Welcome and best of luck!

¡bienvenidos, ck it