Got robbed, but so lucky


I’m working away from home on a streaming tv show and and yesterday while I was at work my apartment was broken into. Luckily they only took my iPad Pro and Akai Mini keyboard. They left my $6k modular setup, my $10k hackintosh, my laptop and a few other small electronics.
Not sure exactly why I’m posting this. I guess just to put thankful vibes back out into the universe.

Basic CV keyboard

how do you even spend 10k on pc components… do you have workstation level GPUs or what?

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Dual gpu, SSD raid, high end networking cards


neat… what kinda stuff do you do with it?


I work on tv and movies doing tech work on set (live color, transcoding, downloading)


Sounds like a fellow video/animation industry person, maybe?

But yep sheesh you got lucky. I’ve wondered the same thing about my place, but I do think it’s common for thieves to just run in and grab the easy-to-flip / easy-to-carry stuff and gtfo.

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we had a break in, spring 2017. burglar came down the fire escape from the roof, in through our baby’s room (that’s gotta feel good), went through the apt (all three rooms), chained the door shut, flipped a couple things in our room, walked right past three laptops, opened my 3u, clearly not what he was looking for. no jewelry or cash stashed.

it’s a bad feeling tho and we had cops cops cops all afternoon.

glad it wasn’t worse for you, hope yr place still feels like your own.

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yeah I’m moving out. Lol. The property management company has another place open and I don’t have that much stuff with me here so it’ll be pretty easy. Worth the peice of mind.


friendly reminder to get that Renter’s insurance if you rent. It so damn cheap and covers a lot.


That sucks, but glad you got away relatively lightly. A reminder that having this stuff insured is probably a good idea.

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When my wife and I are out for an extended time or traveling we have live cameras with motion detection that alerts my phone should someone enter while we are away. While I’ve not needed to alert the police due to a break-in, my plan is to talk to the person who enters and let them know that I’ve alerted the police that an armed person has entered my home and that they are about to be swatted. We also carry a judicious amount of renters insurance, never let that lapse.


Yep, I’ll echo others and say the ease and worthiness of renter’s insurance can’t be overstated.


Yeah I normally get renters insurance for the places I rent while I’m away. This job got crazy busy and didn’t get a chance to set it up before it slipped my mind.


I’m actually going to see if my renters insurance from my home might cover my personal items

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It’s also worth considering getting modular/expensive music instruments insured separately. It’s less expensive that you might think. I have my modular, eigenharp & continuum insured, and it’s covered outside of my home. The only exception is that it mustn’t be left in an unattended vehicle.


Oh nice. I’ll check that out.


another +1 for renters insurance, esp with gear involved.

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Another piece of advice. My friend in Houston got robbed and he lives in a apt. complex. He was gone for a while and said that they walk around and see if there is a bunch of flyers next to your door. That’s who they will target. Since its a sign that you aren’t home.

I mean you can literally dress up as a mover and just moved all of it out. yikes.

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i recommend


I can recommend Aston Lark for those in the UK or Ireland.