GrainChild (for arc)

commissioned by charles lindsay

written by alec brady @Alec_Brady

it’s very generous of charles and alec to let this out into the world.

this is also a sort of experiment. i have no idea how to use this. charles gave me a demo and it was wonderful. and then there is the video above. as far as i know there is no documentation, so community contribution is going to be how this lives. here’s the link:

note: max for live


So stoked! This looks beautiful.

Great news - on a side note, I really hope it could be attached to Ansible and not a laptop :slight_smile:

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i think he posted this cause he’s porting it
(or something heavily based on the ideas)

i could be wrong tho

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That video capture software I used was crap (all those pops)! It deserves a better video haha


That’s cool anyway. Can’t wait to make my own apps for Arc.

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I hope it has pushbutton functionality.

updated top post with download link and txt.


there are four .amxd devices on github with names like “granular” and “grainchild.” which one(s) do we need to install in live?

Anyone made any progress on figuring out how to run it?

Any of them work, this is basically tehn’s returns in an Max4live device. Someone more max capable than I should add in autofocus support, that would make this killer

i couldn’t get any of the four working. there’s no documentation on how to use or run it, only the video of the device already present in the track, and what seems to be an instance of sampler/simpler with several other minimized devices behind it.

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I’m sorry I can’t be more help, I did experience what you’re describing at first. All I remember changing inside the max patch was recentering the serialosc bpatcher.

Okay also I’ve been using the m4l patch named arc mapper found here

paging @Alec_Brady for a 2 minute tutorial?


I am struggling too here - how do I connect the arc to live at all? On the demo videos there is a small window at the bottom of the m4l devices showing an osc device connected, I don’t see it here…:sweat:

ok, so I had a quick look at this. after I replaced the serialosc bpatcher to make it to work with the current max version, the only thing that I could do with the patch is map the encoders to live parameters. I could be wrong, but it made me think that grainchild does nothing without that instrument chain in the video, which is not part of this distribution…

it looks like the patch is (or is largely) a rearrangement of this device, which is from the same authors (but also has an outdated serialosc bpatcher)

so I’m posting this updated version here so that people can at least use that arc to live parameter mapper… (the only thing I did was to update the serialosc bpatcher…)

ARC4 Mapper.amxd (639.9 KB)

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