Grainfields - 8 voice granular synthesizer for 128 grids (M4L update)


Hi all,

I’ve attached a link for my newest creation, grainfields, which turns your monome into a granular synthesizer - each row controlling a separate voice.

If you own an iPad, I’ve included a Lemur interface to adjust grain parameters.

Demo video coming soon!

(The app is made and tested with Max 7).

Let me know what you think.


More info:

Download grainfields standalone:

Download grainfields as Max for live devices:

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This looks amazing…thank you!


Woah! Sweet! Thanks for sharing. Just opened it up and wow. Great samples. Simple but playable and expressive interface. Now to just set up lemur again!


Incredible work, can’t wait to try this.


What a lot of fun, thank you! I love the audio you included with it, shows it off very nicely.


so cool, @kasperskov
made this with it…
thank you :slight_smile:


Wow this is very cool (and the UI is super elegant and a pleasure to work with!)


i too like the UI (organisation, tone color). it feels good looking at it.
and the lemur UI looks good too.


Ooh this looks lovely!


Well done, thanks for this :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, I’ll for sure play with t his today


Thank you! Great piece of work!


This is great. I hooked it up before dinner and ran some interrelated dub tracks to it. Just scratching the surface.


This is probably a very general question about Max versus Max for Live, but would it be possible for me to assign a MIDI controller (in contrast with Lemur) to the app?



not too sure but you could try this


That’s definitely possible. I’ll consider implementing it in the app.

The SimpleMIDI package is definitely worth a look.

In the near future I will make a Max for Live version too…


That’s even greater news! I can’t wait for the M4L version for live use.


Thanks for this. I like it a lot. + the GUI is great. I’m using it with a “walnut 256” that doesn’t support varibright, but that’s not a big issue. (Edit: I’ve taken the liberty of adding led support for my old monome :slight_smile: ) Thank you !


Thanks! I appreciate it. Great to know how the app works on other devices as well. :slight_smile:


Very cool! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: