Grainfields - 8 voice granular synthesizer for 128 grids (M4L update)


Thanks for posting the video. It’s very informative. One thing I’ve been doing is adding some silent time at the end of some of my samples so I can set a pattern to pulse a sound on/off by alternating between the sound and the silence. I imagine there’s a better way to accomplish that, maybe with the fade control.


Wonderful video, enjoyable sound choices and imaginative creation. Looking forward to spending time with GrainFields.
Thanks for this work.


hi !
I do really enjoy this patch even with a nvb 128 :slight_smile: thanks to @Nordseele
I’d like to know if there is a way to save the presets 'cause each time i close the patch and reopen it i can’t call back what i have saved.


Hi there,

Thanks! Which Max version do you run? I have only tested grainfields with the latest version of Max 7. I don’t experience any issues with the presets - I’m able to save and recall presets when I open the patch again.

Anyone else who have experienced this issue?


Hi !
I’m using the latest full version (i took a one month souscription).


Ok - sounds weird. Do you remember to save the patch after you saved a new preset?


I have saved the patch after saving the presets


ok. it works fine. that’s on me. i forgot to click on the presets buttons after reloaded it. Other wise it looks like all my samples are gone. oops


I just finished the first version of the Ableton integration of grainfields, which is now available as a series of Max for Live devices.

Download it on GitHub:


I love this app! I am wondering about clock integration to use with other devices - in my case with modular, would be amazing! Could it be done with an expert sleepers? Sending clock and reset to ansible?


Cant wait to try this, heads up!


Is there an easy way to port the Lemur preset over to a TouchOSC version without starting from scratch?


ipad & iphone touchosc versions? :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I’m sure it can be done with expert sleepers. I’m actually not that acquainted with these modules, but I’ll look into it.

The clock is of course synced with Ableton in the Max for Live version, if that’s any help. :slight_smile:


I’ve actually planned to make a TouchOSC version as well. I haven’t had the time yet, but it’s on the list! :slight_smile:


That does indeed help - that will be an easy shortcut I think to use with the ES8 or maybe even with the ES1 or ES2 emulations on the new disting. This could be a very cool setup!


It would be nice to have a nvb version :slight_smile:


I have a very small abstraction that adds nvb support for the patch. With better LED management than my hack posted the other day. @kasperskov I can give it to you for a future release, like suggested on twitter :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to try Grainfields & Re:mix side by side :sunny:


Definitely. Sounds good. If you send it to my e-mail I’ll have a look at it. :slight_smile: