Grainfields - 8 voice granular synthesizer for 128 grids (M4L update)


Yep, I will do this tonight. Cheers :wink:


bump (twenty caracteres i love this app) :wink:


Oh sorry, I’ve made a mistake , I actually sent the email last week, but… to myself instead of sending it to @kasperskov :-/

@kasperskov I send it again, sorry for the delay …


This looks delightful. I am excited to try it out on the other side of Thanksgiving! Has anyone had a chance to try the M4L version? It seems like the integration would be super useful, but the max version seems more concise (and pretty :heart_eyes:)


Hey, is it possible to use this without a monome ?


Great - I have received it, and I will have a look at it as soon as possible. The next two weeks is very busy, but I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:


It is not possible yet, but I am thinking about making a “universal” version to be used with all sorts of controllers. :slight_smile:


This looks really neat. How hard would it be to add the ability to modify the params using a combination of laptop key (to pick the track, and group of params) and Arc (to modify the param)? So for example, hit “a”, “1” on the laptop and the Arc would control grain/pitch/deviation/slope on track 1.


This…is just. Wow. Lovely work, and has bumped up the Grid to the top of my list now. I hadn’t figured out how I wanted to use max+modular+monome, but this is all kinds of inspiring.


That’s actually a great idea. I haven’t had the chance to try an Arc yet, but this is definitely a feature I will implement at some point.


It´s not possible save presets if you don´t own a Max/Msp license? I only have licensed max for live. Waiting for a future M4L release with non varibright support!
Great App! Thank you, kaspersov


This is totally amazing. I may simply failed to see this feature though, but is it possible to add autofocus to the m4l patch? I’m trying to use this in conjunction with other patches but having difficulty because of the lack of this feature.
Thanks so much,


Had some time with this patch again today and really, @kasperskov, just lovely. Thank you!

Very rich as it is, but something like this is a great idea:

Another +1. :thumbsup:


Yeah this is a great piece of work. Many thanks!



I would love to run this on my Snow Leopard rig. It can’t run MAX7 though. It seems so close to being able to now.

SerialOSC sees my monome but it won’t select it. Could the serialOSC be switched to a MAX6 instance perhaps? Curious. I don’t own max but I have done some minor hack jobs in m4l in the past that sometimes worked out pretty well.


Anybody else having major Ableton crashes using the M4L grainfields? Mine seem to be getting worse. Seems connected to the pattern record actions. I haven’t had one with no patterns going at least.


Hi !
Any news of the M4L version for non varibright monome ?


bump (twenty caracteres i love this app)


Same here, love this app,
Working on a patch using MIDI to send OSC to grainfield with a berhinger xTouch mini


Hello. This app is amazing. Is there a non-vb version of m4l patch coming soon?
Also, the non-vb standalone version’s light feedback is not very stable for me. (It’s probably because I’m using a 40h… but I’d be extremely content with using just the left half of Grainfields with proper light feedback, until I get a vb 128.)
Waiting for it!