Grainfields - 8 voice granular synthesizer for 128 grids (M4L update)


Hi !

Thank you for this amazing application !!! I had a lot of fun with it last night :slight_smile: Unfortunetely, I have an issue with my Grayscale 128. I can control the app with my monome, but no lights are blinking or moving, every pads remains off . Do you know if the patch provided for older monome will solves this issue ? Or is it two differents issues ?

Thank you for your help.



Just received my 128 grid from Control, Grainfields is an amazing piece of work, been trying it out in Live and have just lost 6 hours of my life, in the best possible way @kasperskov thank you so much for all your efforts


Oh and @disquiet this feed has pointed me to some of your stuff, which I think is amazing and quite inspirational


Is there a non-vb hack I can do for the m4l version? Thanks!


Bit of a noob question, I played around with grainfields yesterday and I ran into something I don’t understand.
It seems like the sample isn’t sliced correctly/evenly over the buttons 3-16. If I press button 5 the UI is already highlighting from just before the end of the sample till well past the end of the sample (though I can’t see that of course). Meaning the buttons 6-16 are pretty much useless.
Is there something one needs to do to evenly distribute the sample over all the available buttons?


Finally got a 128, mostly for this app (among other things). And it’s been working great so far.
Just one thing though - Is there a way to add autofocus to the m4l patch? I really need to start learning to code.


Plus, the m4l patch doesn’t seem to save presets… or I’m missing something.


I’m hesitant to bother anyone about this, but I am new to monome and coding in general.
I tried opening up existing m4l patches with autofocus to see if I could figure it out, but I couldn’t really make sense of anything. I would try to learn Max from scratch, but I don’t have time for that at the moment.
The patch I’m trying to use with autofocus, at the moment, is grainfields. (
Is anyone willing to guide me through how I can do it myself? (or just patch it up for me if that’s easier… but I would like to learn to do it myself for future reference)




After fumbling around for awhile, I added autofocus on grainfields m4l version. (copied and pasted from another app which I forget)
The leds don’t refresh until you hit something, though. I haven’t really figured out how to make it auto-refresh leds. (I’m guessing you’d have to modify the voice patches)

Update: I fumbled around a bit more and I think the led refreshing is working.

grainfields_master-1.amxd (1.9 MB)


Is there a link for the current “official” grainfields?
I have changed my system and updated so i am trying to integrate my Grid and my Arcs into my system and i would love some links for M4L for monome


Hi there,

Yes, you can find the most recent versions on my Github:



Not sure if its any use to anyone, but I knocked up a TouchOSC layout for Grainfields. Unfortunately the Duration and Loop Rate sections don’t function correctly, I’m not sure how to implement a range into TouchOSC.

Also the colour scheme is quite garish, blame the limitations of the editor.

grainfields.touchosc (3.3 KB)


thank you! everyone for these awesome updates



First time installing Monome, trying to use Grainfields and grid isn’t being recognized. Using MacOS 10.13.1 and Max 7. Looking for some insight and suggestions.


There are issues with 10.13.1 I think.
See this thread:


I’m using a windows computer running windows 8.1 (64 bit) and max 7, when I try to use grainfields, max doesn’t connect to my grid


I almost certainly won’t be able to solve your problem, but could you give us a little more context? like, do other apps (within Max or otherwise) work currently? did they once but no longer? do you “see” the grid in other places, like which USB devices are connected?


I unfortunately have never used any of this software before, and the main problem is that the grid doesn’t show up anywhere as far as i can tell on my computer


there is a small amount of setup involved to get the grid recognizable for max devices. you need serialosc

follow here ~


Hi all. I’m using:

MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
Live 10.0.6
Grainfields M4L
2013 grid-128

When I re-open a saved session, I have to drag and drop each voice’s audio source onto each Grainfield voice in order to get things back to the way they should be. Thankfully, Grainfields remembers the other preset parameters for each voice (and I can save new presets with Shift-Click on the numbered squares at the bottom of the voice’s dialog), but it doesn’t seem like the audio source location is saved along with the other settings.

Incidentally, I’ve noticed this behavior with the standalone version of Grainfields as well.

Update: @kasperskov’s readme indicates that “Saving a preset (shift>click on a slot) will store all current parameter settings in each voice as well as the file path of buffer contents.” So… just a bug then?