Grainfields - now available as Max for Live devices

Hi all,

I just finished the first version of the Ableton integration of grainfields, which is now available as a series of Max for Live devices.

Download it on GitHub:

More info:


looks awesome dude! can’t wait to try this out.

I have not figured out how to record the audio output by Grainfields in Ableton with the max4Live version.

Hi there,

You can record the audio into another track by selecting the track in “Audio to”.

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Crazy, for some reasons the audio was not going through when I tried the first time.
It also activated the Grids vertically instead of horizontally

Works now

Actually, the audio gets routed correctly, but the Grids still open up vertically…

having trouble getting the Lemur template to connect to M4L Grainfields…

got the grid connected, super cool…

got the template on my iPad

i have no prior Lemur experience, so it could be super simple…