Grainstorm with current Grid/Arc4

Curious if anyone is using Grainstorm with the current (2016) Grid and Arc 4. Are there any workarounds for the lack of push function on the newer Arcs?

I think @Alec_Brady wrote smth about a fix. His workaround I believe was to substitute the button push by a faster turn of the knob.

Thanks for the lead. I will check into that thread.

Stretta did that one!

@burke I first programmed this ‘fast turn’ workaround back in 2014 when the first ‘buttonless’ arc was released … Implemented it in a couple of patches to see how it would work. Also put it in Grainstorm. Patch and dirty M4L conversion in attachment (I didn’t use this for a looong time, but it should work). Also attached a maxpatch with some basic info on the ‘button to fast turn’ conversion. Feel free to implement into any other original arc patches.

Also did TML (M4L only) which I still use these days. Let me know If you want the device.

grainstorm (1.3 MB)

ArcKeyAlt00.maxpat (745.5 KB)


@ithkaa thanks for the info. I would love to take a look at TML if you can send the device. I will update this thread as soon as I can try out the Max patch you sent as well.
Much appreciated!

TML4L 128 NewArc AutoFocus.amxd (606.6 KB)


Hey @ithkaa! Is your version of grainstorm for Max7? I can’t connect any grid or arc because theay don’t even show up…
Any idea?

Perhaps i didn’t lock the device. i’ll taken a look at it tomorrow …

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Hi @ithkaa,

I have finally been able to do a little work with your version of Grainstorm and it is working really well! Just wanted to say thanks so much for sending it and for tackling the re-code for the fast turn.


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Hi @ithkaa, could you please implement autofocus in grainstorm? Many thanks!

Hi @ithkaa – I know this is a really old thread but I just got into monome / arc and am really enjoying the version you created. Thank you!

I noticed however that it doesn’t save any of the samples that were loaded into the slots. (ie - saving an Ableton project loads the patch just fine but none of the samples are there) Is there a way to fix this? Or am I perhaps missing a step in order to do so? Thanks!

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