You’re making it really difficult for me to keep my favorites to a reasonable size. All of your grid layouts so far have been wonderful to play with. Thanks for another amazing script!


20 characters of «yes please»!


version 1.1.0 - live input, more lfos

  • new feature: the “empty” button now records in live input and loads it automatically (lol you read my mind @noiserock , @marcus_fischer )
  • new feature: lfos can be toggled via lfo menu (no control over their frequencies though!)
  • bug fixes: none (where all the :bug: at??)

using this with piano made me realize quickly that i need a live-input button, so its there now! you can record live input and then after stopping recorded they granulated. all the recordings are automatically saved and live in ~/dust/audio/granchild so if you save your PSET it will come right back up with everything as it was.

here’s a demo of using live-input:

readme is updated up there^

thanks for that link @tnelson. Brad Mehldau is one of my fav’s and i hadn’t seen that!

wow @StirHouse that sounds incredible! you mean to have different delay parameters on each sample? right now the delay is “global” and you can only control the “send” to the global delay. as for the metatable - its a pattern for creating a “class” in my code. but more generally metatables are a special thing that allow you to change how tables behave. they are powerful and i’m only using a simple aspect of them.

also thanks for all the kind words @Gexex , @tyleretters , @Zifor, @Justmat , @Ukasz (did you get it right on the last button :slight_smile: ), @encephalitislethargi , and everyone else (10 users per post it seems) - i appreciate it.


holllllllly cow, that demo, i am dead. absolutely stunning, zack. thank you for sharing these cuttings from the fabric of your creative energy so willingly with others :revolving_hearts:


I was guessing that the last button will switch to OOOOOO because recently you did a combo between Oooooo and Kolor but now I think that this would be too much going on :slight_smile: And the live input is enuff. Anyway, this script is legendary :star_struck: :v:


Thank you @infinitedigits


Wonderful! And the demo is stellar! I predict a long and wonderful journey with this in the fx send of my Octatrack.

A quick question, without having my Fates in front of me: how does it handle having the live input recording continuously going? Does it have a live rec feedback control(like many softcut scripts)? Nevermind! I’m guessing this has to do with some engine limitations. Would be a great feature thou!


thanks @dan_derks (fabric of creativity - YES!) , @Ukasz , @noiserock !

ooh! @Ukasz you actually were spot on…a previous iteration of granchild had the extra button switching to kolor for adding drums in step. however it seems that i was getting CPU throttled and started getting unpleasant glitching. i sorta put that feature on pause since i didn’t want to dig in yet to cleanup all the supercollider code to make it more efficient. also i’ve been enjoying granulated drums directly in granchild. a oooooo-granchild mashup hasn’t come to mind yet, but it is entirely possible since granchild doesn’t need the screen!


sick! yeah I totally get that CPU power being used. By the way, you probably know Technobear did ORAC for Organelle, to chain patches together?


That update is so good @infinitedigits . I had a tough day (as I guess many of us have a lot lately) but your update had me motivated to make some music tonight. Now I will go to bed calm instead of stressed out. Thanks!


Beautiful demo! I’m a huge Glass fan, really enjoyed your performance.

Re: the delay enhancement, basically i’m looking for a parameter which would multiply the send by the current volume level (0 to 1), so if I have a track/sample volume all the way down, it’s no longer sending to the delay.

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Thanks for an amazing script! I was playing around on my monobright 64 grid yesterday and it worked great! (for just two voices). I might look into adding functionality for switching a 64 grid from the two first voices to the two second ones. Also, the display blanked out. I didn’t have time to investigate but I assume it’s related to the grid only being 64 wide. Maybe it’s only rendering the two second voices?


Really enjoying using Granchild to remix older tracks and things I recorded which weren’t fully formed ideas. Having access to all four samples on a single grid page makes that all the more immediate.

One thing I would love to see would be an ability to save recorded patterns between sleep cycles - doesn’t appear currently possible (unless I totally missed it)?


version 1.2.0 - patterns save

  • new feature: saving a PSET automatically saves the patterns

thanks @Gexex ! it was something i meant to do and forgot. it was easily said and done and is there now!

thanks @tgk. i realize that there are only the two voices for 64…with no option to switch it easily right now. i think a “hold” press might do the job well, but i’m not sure which button it can be assigned to. but its not hard to do. if you want to give me a specific way (i press X button or toggle Y param to trigger showing the other two voices) i’m pretty sure i can add it in quickly.

@StirHouse thanks :slight_smile: yeah i tried initially with having the send tied to the volume and it didn’t sound right to me. but i think a compromise would be good - to turn off the send if the volume is off. i can add that logic in


Oh my goodness, that was fast - thank you so much!

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Amazing! I thought it might make sense to switch pages using E1 but I haven’t been able to use the buttons on the norns as the display is blank for me so I don’t know if that encoder is occupied.

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On a 64 grid, can you switch between the left and right of the 128 grid?


Just a heads up, live input recording did not work for me at first since the softcut levels had been reset to -inf. on my norns.


Could be wrong, but I’m pretty certain this resulted from the last norns update (rather than anything related to this script). Once you reset the levels, you should be good!


ahh, thank you!!! - that has caused much head scratching for me.