Grand Duc, a Max for Live device to control Live 10

Hi lines, I am happy to share my main m4l device that I’ve been using for my gigs for a long time now !
Hopefully it will be useful to some of you.

The copy/paste starts now :

Grand Duc is a free device that allows you to trigger many actions from clips or midi inputs.
With notes + velocities you can for instance launch the next/previous/random scene, mute tracks, arm tracks, launch or stop clips, turn metronome on or off, etc…
I’ve been using this device on stage for years now on hundreds of gigs.

Before using :
download and open the Live Pack that contains an example set. From the Grand_Duc track, save the device called “Grand Duc” in your Max MIDI effects, and save the Drum Rack called “Grand_Duc_Display”.

How to use :
Load Grand_Duc and Grand_Duc_Display in a MIDI track.
Create a clip. Each note now has a function.

  • Boolean (on or off) functions will be off below 63, on above 63.
  • Functions like clip triggering will take the velocity as the clip number.
  • Some functions like “next scene” don’t care about velocity.

I strongly advice you to check the “help” pop up as it gives you the list of functions and also some general tips and tricks.

Also there is a clumsy video to demonstrate the device here :

ENJOY and listen to my music :