Granurise: Tips, Tricks and interfacing

Greetings gang. I picked this up over the weekend and am loving it so far. I have an older iPad which is a little slow on the interfacing but just wanted to share this and see who else is using this and get a conversation rolling on it. If I get around to creating a LEMUR template ill def share. I am currently using my Novation Lauch control XL and mapping in Ableton and seems to be working Tip top!


Hi, glad that you like GranuRise. Yes, older iPad can be slow, if you haven’t yet, you can try to use with the USB connection. Maybe that would help a bit. Anyway, we have plans to release a Lemur integration in future updates. Anyway, for now, the priority is on Windows (+Touchscreen) better integration and the Push 2 integration. Anyway, the Lemur, Monome Grid and Arc integration are on the list. We will keep you updated.


Fantastic. Im loving the app so much I might grab a 7th gen or iPad Air 3.

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Sure that should work better then, but the Mira app can be still a bit unstable from time to time. So I believe Lemur is going to be our long term choice, because it is rock-solid. Will keep you updated.

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I haven’t taken it for a spin yet but this was updated recently and thought I’d share

Just necro bumping this topic. I am wondering if people who have used it for a while have any new experiences to share.
There are only a few vids out there and little in depth. Any observations would be welcome.

I had forgotten I had bought Granurise… quite some time ago… but had performance issues on my PC… Now I’m on a Mac M1 … time to dust it off… (upgrade). and re-explore it again. I am wondering: Is there no Ableton Push 2 interface for this plugin? I am surprised I cannot google this and get anything !!!