GrapeNuts: Free Sample Pack for Bastl Grandpa

GrapeNuts Sample Pack is in no way related to or endorsed by Post Cereals, it’s just… read the post, m’kay?

Things I love about the 21st century:

-Creative friends to swap synth modules with. @papernoise

-The ability to share art stuff at very little cost to me.

-You can totally film a promo video for a sample pack on your phone in like 5 minutes and totally get away with it.

Anyhow, I recently did a module swap and received this rather fetching Bastl grandPA & Spa all in one module thang. It’s great. I’ve wanted one for ages.

Playing around with the samples that were on it, was fun, but UPLOADING YOUR OWN SAMPLES is totally where it’s at, so I sat down with some VST instruments I really like and use all the time. I copied 8 chord voicings over 4 different sounds and then filled the extra few slots with some noise.

One of the most intense memories of my actual grandpa is sitting down to breakfast with him in his conservatory. Every morning he’d eat cold toast and a bowl of Grape Nuts Cereal with a little milk. So when I went about making food for my grandPA sampler, I knew exactly what to call it.

Here’s the sample pack in action:

And it’s free! Please, please share it with anyone you know that enjoys samplers or granular synths - it’ll work on any sampler, not just the Bastl.

Big thanks to Bastl for making such kick ass modules and big love to YOU for listening to my shit.



my grandpa ate grape nuts with milk for breakfast every day as well!


The best trades are the ones where you send somebody a long-neglected thing and they do something beautiful, interesting, fun or otherwise cool thing with it. I’d say this has been a great trade!


Has your new toy arrived yet, @papernoise ?

Thank you for making this! Really excellent restrained (usable) samples here.

I will probably be using them in conjunction with an Organelle patch or two in the near future. Hope to post the results.

I added this to my weekly sound/music newsletter as well. Great stuff!

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Thanks for helping spread the word.

Not yet, but it’s almost here!

Hi Simeon,
Thank you for your generosity and for these beautiful samples. Can imagine basing a composition around the chords.