Graphviz plugin

I’d love to see graphviz added to the lines forum to be able to share patches/setups in an integrated fashion.

here is a little graphviz primer I wrote that has video synthesis in mind but remains applicable.

this is a post of a ton of video synth patches visualized using graphviz.

does anyone else think this might be useful here?

@tehn not sure who to ask about this


here is something I’ve already posted on this forum that was a big project I recently finished using graphviz.

it would be so great to have this ability on the lines forum

i’m not very inclined to add this plugin to the maintenance burden for every discourse update & rebuild. discourse is already extremely javascript-heavy, and adding graphviz to the runtime reqs adds to that load, on both server- and client-side. in all my tests, graphviz is fairly stressful to run, with an instant ~30% cpu spike.

on the post entry side: users have to type dozens of error-free lines of graphviz code to e.g. describe a modular synth patch, but it’s much easier to simply post a patch pic from modulargrid.