Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

For those into space stuff, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible to the naked eye tonight (and a few more days following) at the closest proximity for the first time in 600 years. Don’t miss the show!


was waiting for this for a while… of course it’s cloudy.

we’ve had really clear skies at night, could easily see this coming together though urban light pollution, but yeah today brought some haze. will see what it looks like an hour from now

Amazing! We caught it just before it slipped behind the trees.

If you can go out with binoculars, so much the better.

It will still be close for the rest of the week — just moving away from each other. So if it’s cloudy tonight, have a look tomorrow.

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I was following the pair of planets as they moved closer and closer together across the evening skies all summer, so seeing them at their closest last night for the solstice felt like a suitable apex moment.