[Greeting]👋 && [Request] Norns reference link

Hey all! Got a norns shield and a new grid a few weeks ago, amazed at how mature the norns platform has become in such a short time. Such an outstanding community too :+1:. Not sure what to do with my 40h :pleading_face:

I’ve inevitably dived into the scripting docs, and would like to suggest that we add a link.

norns api docs
from the bottom of
norns script reference (where a beginner is guided to for reference)

When finding out about util, I had to Google ‘norns util reference’ to find the complete api docs, which broke an otherwise seamless documentation flow.


you can also find those api docs on device! just connect norns to the web and navigate to norns.local/doc in your browser.


welcome! so stoked you’re digging in :slight_smile: thanks for the great suggestion!

i’ll get those linked appropriately, but in case it helps future travelers:

  • the docs are totally open and edits/contributions as folks find gaps are welcome/encouraged! : https://github.com/monome/docs
    • you can also post issues there, which will alert folks who are watching that repo
  • if you aren’t comfortable with github, feel free to email help@monome.org to report docs troubles as well!

we try to frontload with encouragement that folks go through the studies before tackling the API (eg. at scripting | monome/docs ), but seems like we might’ve missed an opportunity. can you share where you first ran into this section, so we can ensure that it’s not placed too early into the learning journey?

thanks so much, simon!!

edit: updated reference | monome/docs with a note + appropriate links!

@dan_derks Thanks for the gh link! I’ll raise a PR if I catch anything change-worthy. Also it’s a great point about not swamping readers with reference docs too early.

I first saw reference linked here, but it is labeled as advanced. Then as a mostly harmless resource at the bottom of first light.

Just saw the change that I proposed, looks great, thank yoooou :+1:

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