Gregor Dys – riss

Hey everyone,

My new Album, riss, will be released on August 14, 2022:
Head over to Bandcamp to pre-order the album now and get your hands on one of those limited, beautiful vinyl LPs!

In his latest work, riss, Gregor Dys processes a near death experience and its aftermath.

In the summer of 2019, a life threatening traffic accident dragged the Berlin musician, producer and sound artist from life.
In eleven atmospheric tracks, Gregor Dys reflects on this cleft, the long hospitalization, multiple surgeries, traumatising hallucinations but also a continuous healing process. Deeply breathing synthesizer pads, sizzling guitar lines and fragmented percussion set the mood for a 38 minute exploration of painful memories. After focussing on doom and gloom on the A side, the LPs second half sheds a light on cheerful memories and healing as well.

While he holds on to his main instruments, modular synthesizer and guitar, Gregor Dys also embraces original violin recordings and advanced sample mangling techniques.

Photography artist Dalia Mikonyté, a longtime collaborator who also reflects on physical and psychological trauma in her own work, mirrors this process in her stunning artwork for a beautiful, limited vinyl release.
releases August 14, 2022

All tracks written and produced by Hendrik Klatte, Berlin 2021

Additional violin performed by Pedro Gloor Vellasco

Additional violin recorded by Oleg Domanchuk from Castalian Spring Studio

mastered by Nathan Moody (Obsidian Sound)

cover photographies by Dalia Mikonyté

art direction and design by Olga Veer


We’ll having a release party for my upcoming album – looking forward to the beauftiful lineup!

Today, it’s been three years since I was almost killed in a traffic accident.

I want to thank all my friends and family and health care professionals who have supported and taken care of me during my hospitalisation, recovery and healing: It means a lot to me and I’m grateful to be surrounded by you!

Today also marks the release of my new album, riss, in which I look back on the accident and everything that followed. It has truly been a turning point for me personally and I’m happy to have the support of many talented and wonderful people!




It’s wonderful that you are here and sharing your music with us!

I look forward to exploring it!

Have a meaningful anniversary. Caregivers are the best🙏🏻


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Thank you so much! <3



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You are most welcome!

And sorry for getting your name wrong :flushed: