Gregory Bell - wisp (EP)

I’ve just released my second EP (wisp), which is comprehensively inspired by the people of lines and the exceptional music of this community. The tracks are quiet, spacious. The most important elements in my process for this album: 50 year old Wurlitzer, Prophet 6, Kaivo, Analog Heat, field recordings, Red Panda Tensor, Make Noise DPO. Also Neutron and Ozone - they have made me faster and more precise.

My next project will be centered on a specific felted piano library I’m finding great joy in exploring.

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Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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Loving this so much! Can’t wait to hear what comes of the felted piano project.

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Thank you @marcus_fischer, @kev, @rajaTheResidentAlien! I really appreciate the positive feedback.

If you don’t mind saying, is it the new one from Spitfire? Or their free LABS one? I really like what Dan Derks did with the latter on Phylum.

Exactly @Jet - it’s the felted piano in ‘Olafur Arnolds Composer Toolkit’.

Here’s an example of what it can do (early draft from the new project):

I love LABS as well, and more generally I love the spirit of generosity and quality in all those Spitfire videos & libraries.

[edit: just noticed there’s a newer felted upright that @Jet was probably referring to. tempting…]

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listened to this on repeat on my way to work this morning - lovely stuff! thanks for sharing

Just came across your beautiful recording here…Bravo! I particularly like the panned metallic rattle (Kaivo?) that adds spatial dimension.

If you are keen on felt piano sounds, as you mention, I recommend you check out the current version of Pianoteq. You have the option of engaging 10 types of virtual pedal, including a celeste pedal, which essentially creates a felt piano. You can add this to any of their many beautiful piano models (right-click on any pedal in the GUI).

While there are many beautiful-sounding sample libraries available, none feel as alive to actually play as does the Pianoteq physical model engine, at least to me. Pianoteq has the additional advantage of a tiny footprint. Check out the free demo, if you haven’t already.

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You made my week, @tnelson! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the album. I think the ‘metallic rattle’ sound is from Kaivo’s Aftergrain preset, or brief moments of it sampled.

I haven’t tried Pianoteq for several years, and appreciate the suggestion.

Recently I finished the EP I mentioned earlier in this thread, based on a sample library from Spitfire… though I needed to carefully adjust the preset (sample rotation / mic balance), then use Soothe and Ozone judiciously, to find the tone I wanted.

This is the new album -

Thanks for sharing your felt EP…I love your use of the stereo soundstage and your use of silence and space. Very effective! The Spitfire sampled piano you used is indeed very beautiful.

I think you may enjoy exploring the resources now in Pianoteq. You can now morph/blend multiple piano (or harp, EP, vibes, other instrument) models, add your own IR files for reverb, much more. The basic physical models of their pianos sound and feel very realistic to play, but you can easily turn them into something distant from that realistic starting point with the available controls over the models.

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