Gremlins on the i2c-bus with Ansible and Just friends

I’m trying to play Just friends with a grid and Ansible using the recently added leader mode. I have built a i2c backpack for Ansible to power the i2c-bus.

This almost works perfectly with the one exception: The output level and led brightness of JF is about half of what JF outputs in sound/cycle when I play any notes and it stays at that level after I disengage leader mode. If I power-cycle my case JF returns to normal. If I disengage leader mode without playing anything on the grid the level is as unaffected.

I’m using a make noise skiff with plenty of power left.

Does anyone know how what is happening or how I can troubleshoot this?

Ps: I know this topic fits in one of the several relevant hardware/firmware/bus-related threads that already exist, but figuring out which one is beyond me.

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I believe the volume dip is by design so the signal at the MIX jack isn’t too distorted. Playing all 6 voices at once easily clips Eurorack’s power supply limitations, so reducing the voice volume is an easy way to have a cleaner mixed output.

The reduced volume after disengaging leader mode is that Just Friends remembers the most recent volume level that an output played at. This enables digital control of the ‘normal’ mode’s velocity per channel. This could be worked around by adding a JF.VTR 0 10 style command after unsetting the synthesis mode. @scanner_darkly @csboling would this be an easy improvement to make?


That makes a lot of sense. I’m fine with the lower volume, and knowing that I probably didn’t break anything with my diy.
A “continuity”-fix in a future firmware would be very nice indeed.

yeah, should be easy to add.