Greyfade label

i am excited to announce that i am starting a new record label this year.

it is called greyfade.

the label will be releasing physical + high-resolution digital editions of algorithmically composed music, experimental electronic, ambient, and minimalist forms of acoustic & chamber music.

the first release is a duo recording from vocalist theo bleckmann and myself called LP1.

greyfade releases will not be available on streaming services. [why?]

you can sign up to receive the label’s newsletter, or follow along on facebook / twitter / instagram.

i want to extend a big thanks to everyone in the lines community for your ongoing inspiration and support – i am grateful to everyone who has lent a helping hand along the way, and i am excited about what’s to come.



20 characters of excited!!!

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Really excited @josephbranciforte! Haven’t had a chance to see either of you out live since you shared the stage with Taylor and Ryuichi At Sawdust. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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that’s the best explanation i’ve read anywhere: re: why you’re not on streaming services.


@setfield thanks adam! we haven’t played in nyc since that performance w/ ryuichi, but we’ll be having a label launch / album release show at fridman gallery on june 21. would be great to see you!

@naxuu appreciate that. many people have told me it’s a quixotic stance and we will “miss out on exposure to new listeners” by avoiding streaming, but i given all the issues i outlined, it just feels like a non-question to me. it’s really never been easier to discover & access new music than it is right now, if someone is even minimally proactive and curious – if not being on streaming services is the deciding factor, i’m not even sure that’s the kind of listener who’s going to enjoy these releases anyway. i’m always open to hearing counterarguments, but i honestly haven’t heard any yet that have changed my mind about it.


I love this stance. How do you think about Bandcamp? Do you consider it a streaming service as well?


I’m following your upcoming label activities with great interest and am looking forward to your releases. It is rare that I heard anyone speaking up against the temptation of joining streaming services so clearly and I appreciate your stance in its entirety. There is no way I could ever imagine to enjoy listening to music/sounds in a streaming environment. In such a context music and all its emotions transported as well as triggered are meaningless. Thank you.


i generally respect the bandcamp ethos and business model and tend to buy a lot of my music from there nowadays. it’s also one of the few popular outlets that allow the upload of high-resolution audio, although i have my issues with the implementation.**

on the other hand, i don’t really see what value bandcamp is adding to listeners/artists over & above a simple direct-to-fan webstore. i’m trying to recall a time when i discovered something new via bandcamp’s recommendation engine – if anything, it’s their editorial work (bandcamp daily, or their various “best of” series) that’s led me to new discoveries. so while i don’t necessarily see anything bandcamp is doing as overtly deleterious to the ecosystem (as opposed to the streaming services), i don’t really have the sense that it’s adding all that much either.

with that said, i am planning to have greyfade releases available on bandcamp. i know people like and trust the platform, and enjoy the fact that they can have one credit card or paypal account on file for all their music purchases. the bandcamp editions, however, will max out at CD-quality digital (44/16). for those that want the high-resolution editions (which is really the digital format in which these releases are best experienced), that will only be available through the greyfade shop.

**while bandcamp does support the upload of high-resolution WAV files, they will only allow one resolution to be uploaded/downloaded, and they handle all the audio transcoding internally. as a creator and mastering engineer, i find this incredible frustrating and opaque, because i never know how my master is going to sound after it goes through their downsampling algorithms. i tend to leave some extra headroom to avoid transcoding-induced clipping, but there are inevitably other artifacts and dynamics/depth changes that occur, and i want to be able to account for those in a format-specific master that i can upload myself.

as a listener, i find it frustrating that WAV/AIFF/FLAC versions are never labeled with sample-rate or bit-depth information, and so i always have to guess based on the files sizes. and i also find it annoying that there’s only support for one WAV/AIFF/FLAC edition – what if i want to download a high-resolution master AND a CD-quality version (which is something i often want to do)? my current workaround as a listener is to download the high-resolution version and then downsample/dither it down to 44-16 myself so i have a version to take around on my iphone/ipod. but, i mean, this is really ridiculous/time-consuming/impossible for many other listeners who aren’t mastering engineers. for the greyfade shop, i’ve set it up so that if you download the high-resolution version, you automatically get the CD-quality version.

a final small gripe: i hate the way bandcamp names/organizes files in their download folder. i always end up spending a few minutes renaming the entire album and creating a file structure that resembles something that a normal person would use.


thanks for the kind words & support!

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This. and others handle this well. I soooo wish bandcamp did too.

yeah, it’s a really basic thing that i wish more places would get right. it would be doubly good if they would allow artists to upload their own files for each format, to avoid transcoding altogether. as a mastering engineer, i always do a separate realtime capture for 96k and 44.1k, specifically to avoid the use of any sample rate conversion.

joseph branciforte + theo bleckmann / LP1 is available for pre-order today.

vinyl edition is limited to 150 copies.

we’ve added some tour dates in may and june on the east and west coasts. would be great to see any lines folks out at these shows!

may 15 / san francisco, ca / the center for new music w/ @baleen
may 16 / oakland, ca / trouble coffee
june 21 / new york, ny / fridman gallery w/ kenneth kirschner, greg davis, daniel neumann
june 22 / boston, ma / the lilypad w/ neil leonard
june 23 / winooski, vt / autumn records


Sounds great! Any chance of a Richmond, VA date?

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@scotttburton nothing planned yet, but i’d be open to recommendations for venues!

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Check out
They’ve been putting on a lot of great shows in Richmond these days!

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A bit of a crazy tangent, but for anyone using Windows, foobar2000 is an audio player with excellent utilities for renaming / refiling files based on their metadata (or vice versa, tagging up files based on their file path and name) and it’s something I always do with my Bandcamp downloads. It takes about 10 seconds, rather than a few minutes.

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obviously i encourage bay area folks to attend the SF show and see what happens when i get to sit at a table and use a mixer

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but won’t hold a grudge if oakland is where you end up!


a couple remaining vinyl copies of LP1 are still available through bandcamp and the greyfade shop.

thanks to everyone who has checked out the first release!

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greyfade is one year old today.

to celebrate, we’re doing a $1 sale over at bandcamp.


Congrats! I enjoyed the release looking forward to more to come.