Yes. Thank you!!!
Merry Christmas.


They are indeed from DJTT :slight_smile:


glad that greyhole finds some love!
information on deind is scarce because funding ran out at some point…
the greyhole engine (as well as jpverb, an awesome sounding reverb) are written and designed by julian parker back in those days.

have fun with it!


I just spent almost half an hour running my reface CP into greyhole and my god is it nice. I was almost late for work because I was just listening to the echos. This is super rad!


This is a great reverb port. Really enjoying the LFOs.

Is there a way to feed it from tape? I’ve been running a sort of feedback loop with tape turned up fairly high sent out the output and then back in to norns with the channels swapped (L out to R in, R to L) and riding the engine levels to keep feedback from running away on me. Is there a reason I couldn’t do this via code instead of patch cables?

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Not possible without modifications to crone audio process. That is straightforward but kinda involved. Also there would be performance impact, without additional architecture - all mixing routes in crone are always active and we have added many in response to similar requests.

(Here is the current routing. Would imply adding tape_eng.)

Much simpler alternative method might be adding soundfile playback directly to the engine with a few li es of sulercollider. See DiskIn helpfile.


Love it, even though I only had 5 mins to explore last night. Here’s a single Cocoquantus channel going through Greyhole w/ fixed params:


Oddly enough when I load greyhole I just get a black screen. I am on the most up to date norns

Did you restart (SYSTEM>RESET) after installing it?

running MANGL through this now…

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I did system restart and the same thing happened.

Just took a look at the greyhole Lua file that downloaded and its empty. So strange. Going to try to download it again.

That is super strange… Did you install from Maiden?

I got it from this forum post. I got it fixed. I think possibly something happened when I was copying it over on forklift. Got it working now

i would highly suggest not using FTP— maiden’s manager allows updates from within the interface

Yeah the main reason I did it that way was because Greyhole was not showing up as an option for install through maiden for whatever reason. I have been happily using maiden for Norns management

It’s showing up for me, did you refresh the list?

Currently one has to manually refresh to see changes. It has caught a few folks by surprise. I’m tempted to at least add code to refresh the catalog each time norns is booted.

UPDATE: I’ve created a ticket:


I’ve been having a lot of fun with Greyhole. I attempted to make the LFOs a little less distracting by formatting the floating point strings so that they would keep a consistent width.

Here’s my fork on github for anyone wanting to check it out:

@Justmat if this is useful, I can make a pull request.


Good idea! I will check it out later this morning.

edit: @Tyler, it does look better this way. I think it can be done a little simpler using string.format, I’ll push an update in a few minutes. Thanks for bringing this to mind!f

edit, the second: update pushed


@Justmat Oh yeah, string.format is much simpler after all. I guess it was still a good exercise.