Greywater - Thee Greywater Missive of Money Mountain

Took a departure from my more standard ambient-y, computer-y stuff and did something noisy and rhythmic. Gear-wise, it’s very DFAM heavy, with some Model: Samples, effects and dub mixing, plus some random old samples I found on an SD card I didn’t remember owning. I’ve been listening to a lot of Genocide Organ and Axebreaker and that influence is probably noticeable.


this album is wild, thanks for sharing. i like the sounds of things spinning?? also the mixing is phenomenonal. you say “noisy” but i can clearly hear all these different sound components in and of themselves rather than a lot of something white noisey. everything sounds “up” in the mix.

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Hey, thanks! I’m curious as to what you’re describing as “the sounds of things spinning.” And thanks for the comments on mixing. A lot of it was actually just one take on the DFAM, M:S, and the outboard mixer, so that is especially nice to hear.

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it’s on “The Dross and The Echo” and “A Stomach Full of Resin”, both about a minute in has this periodic sound which sounds a lot like a spinning wheel to me for some reason. it’s a drone though probably? wow, one take on these is impressive! very nice work

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Interesting! I really have no clue what’s making that sound. It must be the interaction between a few different elements.


Woah. Just woah. This album absolutely FLOORED me. The feelings I felt while listening and while reading your poetry you accompanied alongside of this were truly revealing and wonderous.

Thanks for sharing and making this, truly a pleasure listening to it.

  • you could only see eyes
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Thank you, that means a lot. I’m happy it struck you as it did.

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