Grid 128 grayscale.. will it still work with norns?

I’m about to buy a grid 128 grayscale, but I’m not sure ot it will work with norns? Or will it be too difficult without the vari-element? Thanks

Completely depends on the script. Stuff like Awake will work no problem, but your mileage will vary on everything else.

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if my old 64 walnut works on my norns i reckon your 128 grayscale will be pretty good!
there are a bunch of things in apps that still run and the app just pretends the other 64 keys are there. for instance when i run Glut the rows and columns light up as i play back samples, but the sample spreads across the presumed 16 columns. doesn’t bother me. I sometimes tend to just double the sample length so I get one on the grid. so you won’t need to do that haha


Thanks for your reply. So if I would like to use for exsample the fugarc or the MLR script, it won’t work?

I have greyscale 128. I’ve had to mod some scripts to get things running but most of them work right out of the box. Of course the varibright versions will give you a better UI but still the greyscale minimalism is appealing at least to me :slight_smile:

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Cool Thanks… Then I’m gonna buy the grayscale for sure :wink:

Hi Jules. Do you by any chance have a modded version for cheat codes or mlr?

At the moment I have only modded Animator and created midi routing script. Mlr and cheat codes work without hacking. Although the UI would be better if modded to some extent.

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Yeah … tried to play a bit with cheat codes yesterday and UI is kind of hard to navigate in, but when you’ve played with it a while, your fingers learned the tactile gestures :wink:

fwiw, i’m adding a grayscale mod to cheat codes 2! it’s been a cool design challenge to rethink what information needs to be inverted (eg. showing the selected pad within each bank as a negative space within a fully lit 4x4 square).

certain things will be kind of impossible to show with the same granularity, but the overall UI should be much more approachable. without the mods you can’t see, like, anything on the main page right?


Wow… awesome :blush: No there’s only 6 led lights turned on. Very limited, but very a sheet beside the grid I manage :wink: But looking so much forward to CC2 now :+1:t2: when is it released?