Grid 128 Issue (one-way communication)

I was using my 128 earlier today in Ableton 10 with Terms. Hours later, I plugged everything back in (after restarting on serialoscd and making sure things looked okay) and it just wasn’t doing things very right at all and i couldn’t give any input.

After a few minutes of poking around in SuperCollider, I’m pretty certain the grid’s events aren’t reaching any of my software. I can ~m.ledset(0,0,1); but can’t read any button presses. I have since rebooted and shut down extraneous software. Still no joy :confused:

How can I troubleshoot this?

were the events ever reaching supercollider? you’ll need to ask serialosc to send keypad events to your specific sc port (see the sc grid study, and apologies if you know all of this already!)

try running grid test which is inside the max monome package within max— just to make sure things are working.

what OS/version are you on?

Hey there! I’m on 10.13.6 and latest everything else I could find online.

But it’s working after another reboot and some more tinkering? I’ll capture more info if it happens again.

I did build libmonome and serialosc on Manjaro last night and went to try that out, but got stuck at Jack issues. Are you still using Arch? I need some config files for jack and alsa badly :disappointed_relieved: