Grid 64 with Ableton

Hi there folks, hope you are all well out there? So I picked up a Monome 64 and wondered, how can I set this up to launch clips on Ableton? Any suggestions? It’s not showing up as a midi device in Ableton (guess because it’s OSC). I am a total novice so any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers M

Check out Mark Eats Clips! I have a 128, so I’m not sure how it works on the 64, but it’s great for clip launching.

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Brilliant but my Monome isnt even showing up as a midi device?

It will never, don’t worry. Mark Eats Clips uses another method of detecting the Grid. I’m also willing to bet you still need to install serialosc. Have a look at the intro docs if you haven’t yet.

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Mark eats clips is awesome, been using it instead of the launchpad for a while with my 256 and it’s just great

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Hi there folks so after further research I am looking for an app like control but that works with the Monome 64? Sound possible? Cheers M

Could you elaborate what you want to do?
Btw Re mark eats clip: you do have ableton suite (with m4l)?

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Hi there, thanks for getting back to me, really appreciate you taking the time to give me a little hand with this. I have Ableton and M4L, I use some of the apps which work with the Grid 64 but I am looking to use it also as a very basic tool for triggering clips, thats all, and it is important that I can map any clip to any button on the monome, does this sound possible? I have like 0 and so any help on this fron t is greatly appreciated! Cheers M

Have you tried “mark eats clips”? With it you cannot map any clip to any button, it’s more a launchpad substitute, but a really good one. If you really want to map the grid freely you’ll probably have to use some kind of mapping within Live and another m4l app. Have you searched for alternatives? There’s another clip launcher within the “sums”

You could try buttons or notes in my elements suite for M4L. It’s made for 128 grids but (for this purpose) could work on a 64 …


Wicked! This sounds good, just trying to set it up just now (and failing:)…Cheers!

for using ‘buttons’, follow these instructions:

  • set up an IAC bus (MacOS) or use MIDI Yoke (Windows) to set up internal MIDI routing
  • put the device on a MIDI track in Ableton
  • set track and remote to ‘on’ for both input and output on that IAC bus/MIDI Yoke port in Ableton’s MIDI preferences;
  • set output type for the device’s track to the activated IAC bus/MIDI Yoke port.
  • enable MIDI mapping, select a parameter to control and press a button on the grid.
  • make sure to activate the track (deactivated tracks don’t output MIDI)

Got it, many thanks!


Just wondering if Control or Elements would work on a 64 grid with 7 columns of faders and a column of 8 buttons. I fancy combining a faderbank with some scene launching buttons.

I don’t have a 64 grid so can’t test this, but it might be possible to (partially) use Control by creating controls from the app’s interface instead of from the grid itself. Elements devices also should partially work. If only I had a 64 :grinning:

Does Elements work by selecting the xy coordinates of the chosen control?

Don’t know what you mean exactly … There are 4 Elements devices. The XYs idd allows for mapping xy-coordinates to Ableton parameters

I meant do you use the coordinates of the grid buttons to select what functions each button has? E.g. How do you tell it that column 1 is a fader and that column 8 are buttons?

I think you’re confusing the Elements devices with Control. What you are describing is idd the way to create controls on your grid when working in Control. Elements are 4 different devices in which the functionality of the buttons is fixed …

I see. So can Elements be different things depending on which track is activated? Can I put buttons on track 1 for controlling a drum grid and have xy on track 2 and the grid will hit swap between them depending on which track in activated a la Obo?