Grid/Arc: USB/FTDI/Serialosc: issues+solutions

Was wondering if it would make sense to make a collected post about USB, FTDI and/or serialosc issues. If you have any of these issues, please make a brief post with your experiences as well as what you’ve tried so far. When you find a solution, please update(edit) your initial post so everyone else can see what helped you.

OSX 10.12.4, Macbook 2016 (1 usb c port)

Issue overall: serialosc isn’t capable of handling both my grid and arc at the same time

Procedure so far:

  • making sure I have latest serialosc and max
  • uninstalling all third party ftdi drivers and making sure apple ftdi drivers are enabled
  • checked with “kextstat -l | grep -i ftdi” that gives me an apple driver (… etc) when device is inserted
  • checked with “sudo dmesg | grep FTDI” which gives me this:

AppleUSBFTDI: fInBufPool,kMaxInBufPool 8,64
0 [Level 5] [] [ AppleUSBFTDI] [ 0x403] [ 0x6001] [ YES]
AppleUSBFTDI: Version number - 5.0.0, Input buffers 8, Output buffers 16
AppleUSBFTDI: fInBufPool,kMaxInBufPool 8,64

Issue in detail: after having just started up max: when plugging one device (grid or arc) in my official apple usb c hub (through extra hub), serialosc sees the device. Plugging out and in again correctly “removes” and shows the device accordingly. While having one device inserted and inserting a second, the second device is not shown in serialosc and both devices stop working. A reset of max is required.

dmesg: when running this command after having plugged the devices in and out several times - terminal now shows many of the above written output (much more than actual devices being inserted).