Grid as a simple midi controller - help please

I am putting together an AV performance with Ableton and VDMX and I could do with some extra midi triggers so I am trying to set up my grid to help out. However, every direction I try I seem to hit problems…

Ideally I’d like to be able to choose between momentary and toggle buttons but at this point I’d be happy with a grid of all momentary.

Things I have tried:
OSC directly with VDMX. No idea if this is possible but it has OSC preferences so I’ve tried to set the input port on VDMX to 12002 but it won’t let me. So I found the preference file in here org.monome.serialosc and tried to use the port numbers here but it won’t let me do that either.

Control app - when I try and launch the standalone app it says it is damaged and cannot be opened.

Control max4live - when I load this into Ableton it works! and looks like something I can use, however it is only seeing the left half of my grid when it is landscape. I have looked in the org.monome.serialosc preferences and that says rotation is 90 but every time I change that it just goes back to 90…

I am using the latest 128 grid with a 2018 Mac book pro running 10.15.7 and ableton 10.

Any ideas much appreciated! I’ve never done anything with OSC really so I could be missing something really obvious.

Did you try the stand alone max patch of control? That’s what I use (not the app, not the M4L one, but the Max Patch one). I think that will give you the best results.

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I think they said the standalone one doesn’t work.

@timcowie have you reinstalled the control app?

Have you tried grid with something like norns or teletype?

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There is a stand alone app, and there’s the stand alone Max Patch. The stand alone app doesn’t work, but opening the max patch/patcher itself shouldn’t be an issue.


Yes, its working fine with my Norns

Yes, the stand alone max patch is working but only on the left side of my grid. Is this something to do with this line in my preferences file?

device {
  rotation = 90

If it is, I don’t seem to be able to change it. Or is there another place I can adjust global settings for the grid?

oh - I’ve made progress :grinning:

I trashed my preference file and reinstalled serial osc and it now has a rotation of 0 in the preferences and seems to be working with control!