Grid as Bitwig clip launcher

I’m not the best coder in the world, but I put this together and its working for me.

Its a relatively simple Processing/Java sketch which demonstrates one way to implement the Monome Grid as a clip launching controller for Bitwig through Moss OSC Script

its a bit of a long way around and probably can be optimised, but until OSC is natively implemented in BitWig, this works…


That’s wonderful! Thanks Cristian for sharing it!

I’ve tried to follow the Driven By Moss manual, but not sure where to put those java files to make it work through Moss OSC Scrip. Could you please just point some direction? Thanks!

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not sure if you are asking for help with the Driven By Moss installation or my little sketch?

The BW extension location is described in Chapter 2 of his manual.

> 1. Extract the ZIP file. It contains a file named DrivenByMoss.bwextension.
> 2. Copy that file in the following location depending on your OS:
> • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Bitwig Studio\Extensions\ • Mac: ~/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Extensions/
> • Linux: ~/Bitwig Studio/Extensions/
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and I added stand-alone builds for Mac OS and Win to the github repo which you should just be able to run. The Mac OS one does not include Java, so you need to have that installed on yout system already.


Yes, I was just not sure how to use java files with Driven By Moss but seems I just needed to change the OSC receiving port to 8005 and it works now! I don’t have a led feedback on Monome, but maybe this was not implemented yet?

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Well , yes it’s supposed to give you LED feedback …. it is bidirectional, so the sketch also listens to a port which you need to set in the DrivenByMoss OSC settings in #Bitwig . By default it is 13755 … like this


This is excellent! I was very recently hoping for a monome grid based clip launcher for Bitwig.

I would love to be able to use this, but I have no idea how to install and set it up. First off, I’m not sure if it will be compatible since I’m using an older Moss script (for Bitwig version 3.1.3 or so), though I’m on Bitwig 4.1 now. I want to upgrade that Moss script, but I may lose some functionality of one of my MIDI controllers until I’m able to re-program it.

Also, I have been putting off updating my Macbook Pro and I’m still on Mojave, so I believe I have Java 6. When I try to run; my OS says “unable to load Java Runtime Environment”. Do I really need to use this, or is it more a convenience thing? I don’t really want to upgrade from Mojave just to be able to install a later version of Java, but I am considering it for this.

Ok, so this is by no means a support thread ! It’s just a little sketch that serves as a starting point for rolling your own OSC interface between Grid and BitWig

It should all work with the latest build of Moss script and BW4

Processing3 relies on Java 8

I don’t own windows or Linux machines so I haven’t tested in those platforms

The app is the program I wrote , compiled
for convenience. Of course that needs to be running for anything to work.

Sounds like you are almost there. You only need a JRE

See, Processing3 exports builds with a JRE built in, but it’s unnecessarily large and so I haven’t done that

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