Grid becoming non-responsive running Cranes

I’ve been having fun running Cranes on my Norns Shield and controlling it with the Grid. Sometimes I leave it running for awhile. When I return I can no longer control Cranes unless I unplug the Grid and plug it back in. The Grid immediately becomes responsive again. If I’m running something like Awake, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Grid freezing. Anyone have any ideas to try? Thanks

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Is this a 2021 grid? Is it completely unresponsive, or are the LEDs just not updating? Can you still press buttons? Does it happen with any other scripts, or in a main menu? Have you tried a different cable?

we have a libmonome update coming very soon which should fix this


2021 Grid and I don’t have another USB C cable to try. Stopped communicating after about 30 minutes. Awake runs fine. Sounds like a fix is coming. Woot

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Same issue here do notice though that if I unplug my grid once Cranes freezes Norns will become responsive again.

I’ve been having very similar issues with a number of scripts using my 2021 Grid.

Grid seems to work perfectly with M4L, Ansible and many scripts (e.g. Awake, Cheat Codes 2, Gridstep, Timber).

However, several scripts - namely Cranes, o-o-o, Kolor, Loom, Moonraker - display this issue: Grid LEDs will stop updating but Grid will continue to control the script. If I unplug and replug (while still running given script) Grid LEDs will start updating again, However, if i go SYSTEM>RESTART the Grid LEDs will remain frozen. Very odd.

No errors in Maiden that I’ve been able to capture.

oh funny, i totally missed this thread. january was weird over here :slight_smile:

cranes is likely just drawing poorly – in 2019 i hadn’t yet wrapped my head around timer-based redraws, which are now canon. so much has changed, dang.

anyway, cranes has been updated today, which should remove its barrage of grid redraws:


I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but as I wrote here (Loom - #34 by Markus), I have freezes as well, though in my case the grid also completely freezes

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