Grid FTDI issues

Hi all,

I’m trying to attach my grid to my hackintosh running Monterey.

The grid and connectivity are fine as I get the flash when connecting to usb.

The device shows up in system information as a monome.

Whether I have serialosc running or not, when I connect I get this is dmesg:

[ 1335.556276]: DK: NullDriver-0x100000c16: provider entitlements check failed

[ 1335.556283]: DK: IOUserServer( check failed)

[ 1335.556351]: <private>

[ 1335.556538]: DK: AppleUSBFTDI-0x100000c17 waiting for server

The result is: the device file never shows up in /dev

It seems clear that this dext is rejecting the device because of some code signing issue, but I am at a loss as to how to address it.

Does anyone have any insight or advice?


I’m almost certain the grid isn’t the problem. Given the above dmesg output I would say that the problem is more likely to be the kernel modifications made to the OS to get it running on non-Apple hardware. It looks like the kernel is rejecting the drivers (or a process which hosts non-priviledged access to hardware) not the grid.

You could try turning off SIP but given this is a hackintosh that may already be turned off. I have no hackintosh experience myself so I’m just guessing.

You are probably right about that, it’s the most likely thing… I am going to find a genuine mac to test against.

I would still like to know what’s special about FTDI in this case that it doesn’t pass muster, I’ve had no issues with any other of many USB peripherals on this machine.

Unfortunately the issue is striding pretty close to the opaque Mac OS internals that require more advanced specific debugging techniques than I have, so the dmesg output is just about the end of the trail for me.

Here is what I get when I plug an FTDI based grid in on a macpro6,1 running macOS 12.5:

[ 8757.729593]: IOUserSerial::AppleUSBFTDI::<private>: 191 0x6000011b8058
[ 8757.729601]: IOUserSerial::<private>: 472 0x6000011b8058
[ 8757.729606]: IOUserSerial::<private>: 40 0x6000011b8058
[ 8757.730648]: DK: AppleUSBFTDI-0x100001959::start(monome-0x100001957) ok

This machine is also using serialosc 1.4.3 installed via homebrew.