Grid grips

wondering if anyone is using some odd finger position combinations when playing the grid? i do a few with my 64 fingers setup, mostly to mash out a ton of samples at the same time on specific buttons as i haven’t streamlined my sample layout yet for performance.

i know on some of the monome eurorack modules there are some small finger combinations to trigger certain functions. but i’m wondering if anyone is using other apps that have formed specific multiple finger shapes. i know its a pretty random and narrow nerdy question, but i’m researching a few things right now and wondering if anyone else regularly uses something like this in their playing style…

block party uses some interesting finger position combinations to trigger certain functions. not sure this answers your question tho…


As @nuun pointed out, Block Party uses a lot of horizontal ‘fingering’ positions (e.g. 1 0 1 0 1, 1 0 1 1, 1 1 1) to trigger all the loop/playback-specific functions.

I plan on expanding that to do cross-row stuff (vertical) for TPV2 at some point, but as extensions to that.

There’s also general finger contortionism that comes up more conventional controllerist type performances, but that’s more to do with playing a bunch of different things at once, rather than as an actual mapping idea.